11 tricks to avoid muscle cramps this summer

Like summer tint, bronze, ice cream or barbecue, every year the redness in the muscles returnsprepared to mark the steps in the summer.

Take the nails into the air with short pants or shorts, the friction and high temperatures provoke the appearance of these irritating and painful superficial wounds on the skin.

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¿It is possible avoid redness in the muscles? The answer is yes, as far as specific products such as anti-acne bands or bandelettes (prepared specifically for it) as with all -life remedies such as the miraculous aloe vera, hydrating cream or talcum powder.

Before despair before the appearance of a new one rozadura in the muscleaim these tricks and grind the fire to receive the summer with open arms (and the dogs without irritation).

11 tricks and home remedies for muscle cramps

  • Aloe vera: Between its multiple medicinal and cutaneous uses, aloe vera is ideal for redness in the muscles thanks to its refreshing and scarring properties. Apply the plant gel in its natural version, opening a section of the skin with a knife and rubbing it on the irritated area.
  • Talcum powder: It is probably the most effective grandmother’s remedy against muscle cramps, and also one of the cheapest. Now that its effect is not very lasting, scrub on clean skin and dry before leaving to pass. It also serves to clear the beaches of the beach at the feet.
  • Specialized creams for blushes: You can find them for free at your nearest pharmacy. They are very used among sportsmen who have to use highly adjusted equipment, such as cyclists. You can also find them in format stick.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: Reduces the risk of infection and from Clínica Mayo it is recommended to treat the infection. Soak a little bicarbonate in a pan with tibia water and soak up the rash, leaving it to simmer for a few minutes and sipping with fresh water.
  • Cold application: You can apply ice, especially if the area of ​​inflammation in the muscle is inflamed. It will serve to soothe the pain due to its analgesic properties and also has an anti -inflammatory effect. Cover ice with a cloth and press against the muscle for about 5 minutes. You can also use cold compresses.
  • Vaseline: This lubricating product forms an ideal film to reduce contact between the muscles and thus, there is less friction and redness. Not only is it preventative, but it is also useful to suppress irritation. That is: it is not resistant to sea water, so it carries a boat in the mochila.
  • Coconut juice: La National Library of Medicine of the United States it is recommended for atopic dermatitis and to prevent the onset and irritation of the eccema. The best thing is to mix it between the mussels with the dry skin after bathing and avoid putting it on if you are going to expose it to the floor.
  • Bandelettes: They are the perfect complement to prevent skin redness. These are anti -slip bands that you can put on your muscles to prevent them from sticking between them. They are comfortable, reusable and especially recommended if you have a party or are going to give you a long walk.
  • Baby creams: Special creams for baby diapers are another very interesting resource. They are denser and thicker than those intended for adults, and will also contribute to keeping your epidermis hydrated.
  • Desodorant: To help relieve muscle cramps, it is best to roll it in and ideally, which contains talcum, and which does not contain aluminum. Apply a fine layer between your muscles and check that the area is lubricated and that the effect persists when it is dry. You can also use a natural almond stone deodorant
  • Olive juice: Not only is it the best kept secret of the Mediterranean diet, but olive oil also serves for muscle redness, hydrating irritated skin. Put a few drops in the palm of your hand and apply directly.

Remember that it is important to keep the skin clean, use holgadas, livianas and fresh herbs that allow transpiration and hydrate the skin before the sequestration that the salt water provokes. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen in these areas as well.

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