143 jobs lost in finance in France in May

(AOF) – Financial services, financial intermediation and insurance rose from 143 jobs in May after significant growth last month, according to ADP’s National Report on Employment in France. “We are seeing a slowdown in employment over the next month in the hotel, restoration and energy sector. Says Nela Richardson, Chief Economist at ADP. “The services sector is showing signs of recovery despite difficulties facing the economy, such as supply in industry and tensions over prices. »

In detail, employment in the manufacturing industry progressed to 885 jobs in May after earning 976 jobs the previous month. The retail and wholesale trade grew to 333 jobs in May after a growth of 892 jobs last month. Employment in the professional services, which includes administrative, corporate services and the technology sectors, progressed to 338 jobs in May after reaching 513 posts in March.


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