26-Year-Old Entrepreneur is Working to Revolutionize the Trucking Industry Through His Trucking Automation Company and Educational Platform

Steven Jean-Jacques has built a successful business from trucking, and now he’s sharing his experience and knowledge with others who are interested in joining the industry

The trucking business is considered as the backbone of the US economy and one of the biggest industries in the country. Today, the trucking industry is worth over 700 billion dollars and projections stipulate a steady growth in the numbers. With so many opportunities lurking in the industry and enough space to accommodate new entries, the trucking industry is a perfect investment hub for anyone looking to make passive income.

Having gone from broke to rich through the establishment of a successful trucking business, 26-year-old Steven Jean-Jacques has reiterated his commitment to helping people venture into the trucking industry. Steven is the founder of the Elite Trucking Automation and Elite Trucking Academy where he teaches people the ropes of the trucking industry while offering them trucking automation services.

“My desire is to equip and empower people to take on the trucking industry, master the ropes, and earn passive income,” explained Steven Jean-Jacques. “Through the Elite Trucking Automation company, we would show people how they can automate trucking systems to help them make money without direct involvement. Our educational platform, the Elite Trucking Academy is designed to help people gain knowledge of trucking and how they can build an empire from truck driving.”

Aside from the automation and trucking education programs Steven handles, he also teaches people how to grow their trucking company using government contracts. The government provides opportunities for trucking companies to take part in bidding for government contracts. There are billions of dollars available through the government every year for qualified trucking companies, but these companies do not know how to acquire them.

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About Steven Jean-Jacques

Steven Jean-Jacques is an entrepreneur and CEO of Elite Trucking Automation and Elite Trucking Academy. He was raised in Chicago but currently lives in Miami. Steven went from poor living conditions in Chicago to becoming a millionaire using trucking. He is using his expertise and experience to help others tap into the market of opportunities in the trucking industry.

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