5 theme parks in Spain perfect for traveling with kids

If you have children or grandchildren, you will already be given an account of what you have adapted to your future dispositions. There is no need to leave to travel or do it just thinking in the ‘small’, but it can mold the holidays to the liking of all family members. So, I’m sure you’ll be interested to know who are some of the best theme parks in Spain for traveling with children.

The list -of 5 theme parks- has been published by Idealista: it is clear that the offer in Spain is extensive and adapts to the tastes and preferences of each one.

Travel with children in Spain to a theme park

A 2020 statistical report suggests that, although one of the theme parks is a sector (on a global scale) dominated by Walt Disney, Spain installations has much to say. For example, señalaban, “the group of Spanish origin Reunidos Parks occupies the tenth position in the number of visitors worldwide “.

And among the parks for traveling with children that stand out in Idealista is Madrid’s Warner Park, which, according to statistics, was one of the 15 most visited theme parks in Europe in 2020.

Warner Park

In 2022, Madrid’s Warner Park will celebrate its vigésimo anniversary. Therefore, it will offer its visitors a special program throughout the year.

Among many other news, it will recreate one of the most emblematic locations in the series Friends, the ‘Central Perk’ cafeteria; a mural dedicated to Piolín has also been inaugurated, and many spectators have already completed the musical Dreamerswhich makes a recurrence by the best musicals of all time.

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Currently, the park consists of 5 thematic areas, during which the conductor is the world of cinema, animated drawings and superheroes. These are Hollywood Boulevard, Cartoon Village, Old West Territory, DC Super Heroes World and Movie World Studios.

Between the most visited attractions of Warner Park for the young public, apuntan, there are the Russian mountains of Superman, Stunt Fall, Batman or The Venganza del Enigma and the refreshing Río Bravo or Cataratas Salvajes. Ideal for children are the children’s attractions of Scooby Doo or the Russian mountain Tom and Jerry.

Cabárceno Nature Park

In Cabárceno, the animals are in a semilibert regime.

As a highlight in Idealista, the Cabárceno is not a theme park, like a zoological or a natural park. It’s something special. Almost unique. And, from then on, perfect for traveling with kids in Spain.

Located in the valley of Pisueña, municipality of Penagos, only 15 kilometers from Santander and housed in an ancient mining exploration of clay extraction into the open sky, the park of Cabárceno is almost empty. 120 animal species from the 5 continentswhich live in semilibert regime, distributed in small areas of large areas where one or several species coexist.

It is conceived with educational, cultural, scientific and creative fines, and has been converted, listed on its web, “in one of the largest tourist attractions in northern Spain“.



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Between them theme parks of Spain could not miss PortAventura, in Salou (Tarragona).

At PortAventura World, resaltan, you can enjoy 2 theme parks and an aquatic park. In total, it has 6 thematic areas, 5 of which are inspired in different parts of the world: you will visit imperial China, the American Far West, exuberant Polynesia, Mayan Mexico or a fishing town in the Mediterranean. It also has an area dedicated to the smallest: SésamoAventura.

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To it is to sum up Caribe Aquatic Park, with 50,000 m² dedicated to attractions, shops, restaurants, rest areas and a vegetation species, “you can start a Caribbean environment to enjoy with the whole family”.

For a little while, it’s Ferrari Land, the only park in Europe dedicated to Italian sculpture. Among its attractions, support Red Force by its 112 meters altitude and its acceleration, which goes from 0 to 180 km/h in 5 seconds with a force of 1.3 g.

Kathmandu Park

The House, in Kathmandu Park.

In Mallorca there is Kathmandu Park, probably less known than the previous ones, but equally suitable for traveling with children. In fact, in Idealista it qualifies as one of theme parks “more complete and varied than we have in Spain”.

It was found on the beach of Calviá and was known as “Europe’s most sympathetic theme park”. There are 10 attractions, among which The House stands out, “where imagination is real and reality is just an illusion”.

In addition, there are multiple entertainment options such as desfiles Steampunkspectacles, dances and dances.


The Bioparc de Valencia is designed under the concept of 'zooming'.

The last of them perfect parks for traveling with kids in Spain is the Bioparc of Valencia.

On its website it is defined as “an innovative project that offers the visitor the possibility to enter wildlife sanctuaries where animals live in the social groups of their own species and in harmony with other compatible species, as occurring in nature”.

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It is a park, explained, designed under the concept of zoo immersionin which you can approach animals without visible barriers, as if you had studied in the original places of the species.

The end to be pursued, we are assured, is “to bring with beauty: to impress with aesthetics so that we are conscious of preserving it and promoting a change of behavior that motivates us to live in harmony with the planet”.

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