A boat builder recruits “on-scale” salaries in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

Support local employment. This is the objective of the “Une training, un emploi” facility, piloted by the Normandy Region, which offers recruitment of job applicants to the specific needs of companies, in exchange for a CDD of a minimum of six months. 17 trainees have joined Grand Large Yachting Atlantic Coast, a builder specializing in large cruise ships in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin.

This dozen job seekers, all in professional conversion, learned the trades of naval carpenter and castler. Oumice, a former flower wholesaler and horticulturist, chose the first training “after hearing about the profession by someone in my entourage”. For six months, this trainee learns to work in the woods “on the floor, in the walls, in the general furniture … Really everything”.

Sabrina, she, preferred to follow the castler training, which “consists of installing everything that is found on the bridge of a boat”. Travel agent for 17 years, she decided to convert “with the Covid” and de “turn to industry”. After three months of training, for those she earned 800 euros of aid per month of the Region, it began a CDD of six months at Grand Large Yachting Atlantic Ocean on July 1. This is also what surprised Sabrina in the “Une training, un emploi” device: the idea, securing, of “not just to do training but to have a job almost certain at the end”.

Overcome recruitment difficulties

Trainees trained through the “A training, a job” tool (right). © Radio France
Margot Turgy

And the company assures: the objective is to offer a CDI to 17 traineeswhose training was funded by the Region to the tune of 120,000 euros. “The demand is so strong, especially in the field of naval carpentry, that it is very difficult to recruit”explains Grand Large Yachting Atlantic Coast recruitment manager Pauline Troadec-Lalande. “And on casting, there is no specific training in the Cherbourg sector. There”thanks to the device, “it’s about measurement training to really respond to our professions”.

The arrival of these new salaries will also allow to respond to the growth of the builder: “Our order book is full for 3 years”points out CEO Marc d’Arbigny. “Over the last 18 months, production costs have doubled, and we are still in search of fifteen people.”, add it. Grand Large Yachting Atlantic Ocean it also fails to drive the device “A training, a job”, in the subsequent hiring of eight marine electricians.

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