A white book for employment compensation

For 22 years, Richard Ruz Guindos, general manager of the Transport Employment Group (GET 974), has been a battle horse: job fairness. “We respond to public markets but, the concern is that at each end of the contract, our staff finds themselves at Pôle emploi, he said. The staff should not bear the loss of a market but should, on the contrary, pursue their personal course. “
In order to find solutions, Richard thus contacted the Center for Legal Research at the University of La Réunion, which responded favorably. Will it come from jobs generated in the context of a public market or a concession when this or that touches its end? How to best accompany the beneficiaries towards a termination of their employment? How to get out of a pre -contract logic and save licenses?
Here are the questions that a working group tried to answer through a white book. “We want to find a balance between reinsertion and job retirement,” said Cathy Pomart, lecturer in private law at the University of La Réunion. This white book is a toolbox to change the way you work. . ”

A first revolution “

Among the tools offered is the development of clauses. “Communities must anticipate the question of continuity and therefore integrate clauses that favor this continuity,” said Olivier Desaulnay, professor of public law at the University of La Réunion. And this research project is already bearing fruit. Indeed, the Intercommunal Community of northern La Réunion (Cinor) has signed a first clause in Sainte …

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