ABC Companies’ Zero Emissions Tour partners with MTRWestern and Proterra

ABC Companies announced MTRWestern and Proterra are joining ABC Companies’ Zero Emissions Tour, recognizing another significant step towards zero emissions travel.

As part of the tour, MTRWestern put into operation a 75-passenger Proterra-powered battery electric Van Hool TDX25E double-deck motorcoach. Piloting the use of this motorcoach, which can travel more than 260 miles between charges, MTRWestern is bringing zero emissions travel to many of its clients in the US and Canada. The program culminated with a celebration of select stakeholders, environmentally focused businesses and government officials, highlighting firsts for MTRWestern and the ABC Companies Zero Emissions Tour.

This included:

  • The first-ever zero-emissions international revenue service route with cross-border service between Seattle and Vancouver, BC
  • Zero-emissions travel options for several charter and scheduled service routes carrying up to 75 passengers.

The partners co-sponsored a reception event July 27 in Seattle where guests had the opportunity to network and learn more about the tour and how MTRWestern is utilizing the zero-emissions Van Hool TDX25E in scheduled fleet operations on both sides of the US/Canadian border . Special guests included elected officials, Howard Wright, chairman of Seattle Hospitality Group (SHG), as well as leaders from regional big tech and energy provider organizations.

“The gathering allowed key zero emissions advocates to discuss the significant progress and readiness of the unique electric vehicles available today featured in the ABC Zero Emissions Tour, while also bringing attention to the growing challenges presented by limited publicly available chargers for commercial passenger vehicles,” said Thom Peebles, vice president of marketing, ABC Companies. “The significant impact they can make is what we are trying to raise awareness of within the ABC Zero Emissions Tour.”

Also in attendance was Michael Mann, executive director for Clean and Prosperous Washington, who addressed the importance of reducing carbon emissions to improve health and job outcomes and propel a stronger more competitive economy in Washington state. During the event, guests were invited to enjoy a first-hand experience aboard the TDX25E as part of a vehicle demonstration including a test drive. Earlier in the day, the bus traveled to the Seattle Center for photo ops showcasing iconic Seattle landmarks including the Space Needle, the Amazon Spheres and the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture.

“The Zero Emissions Tour provides an unprecedented opportunity to show customers, along with industry and government leaders on both sides of the US/Canada border, our commitment to literally building a bridge to sustainability,” said Jeremy Butzlaff, president, MTRWestern. “We are proud and pleased to be the first US operator to connect riders to two of the most beautiful cities in North America in a zero-emissions transport experience.”

MTRWestern and Proterra’s involvement in the ABC Companies Zero Emissions Tour is key to educating stakeholders and lawmakers about the role high-capacity passenger vehicles like the Van Hool TDX25E motorcoach play in reducing greenhouse emissions in the transportation sector. ABC Companies says recent tour stops in the Northeast have already attracted the attention of the media and elected officials who see this as a tangible example of growing infrastructure needs to address vehicles that are in service today.

“We’re excited about the continued tour rollout and the opportunities it offers operators like MTRWestern to raise awareness about our industry’s significant contribution to environmental sustainability in transforming our local and regional communities, while also having an impact on global carbon reduction,” said Roman Cornell, president and chief commercial officer, ABC Companies. “Through the Tour and with the growing number of electric vehicles ABC Companies has sold and currently supports, companies like MTRWestern are pioneering the many benefits of zero emissions transportation in their communities and with their customers.”

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