Abuse against the elderly: the role of counselors is vital

On the other hand, panelists think it is often better then not to act alone. Ron Long, director of initiatives for older clients at Wells Fargo, also recommends that consultants alert their company instead of addressing the authorities directly.

“It must be absolutely clear: the on -site counselor should almost never be the person who picks up the phone to call the anemia protection services, except in the case where he would witness an imminent physical danger and should call the 911, ”he says.

And go with sweetness

Frauds are not easy to fix. Customers often refuse to see that they have placed their trust in the wrong person and become easily offended. It is therefore important to prove a certain finger in this kind of situation.

“It’s a matter of breach of trust, so they’re not going to come and say, ‘Oh, thank you so much for letting me know I was locked up and they took all my money.’ Warns Nancy Heffner, director of compliance at Lincoln.

« [Les clients] are on the defensive because, often, they believe without bronze what they are told. It is therefore necessary to prove empathy to them and not treat them as if they were stupid or idiots to have fallen into a scam. Even if it is a scam that we have heard many times, they should be treated with respect. »

However, given the number of cases and serious consequences that each fraud can carry, it is important that companies continuously train all members of their teams to “alarm and warning signs,” says Debbie Noury, principal. financial inquiries into the assets at Fidelity.

Especially since, often, the family herself prefers not to see what is going on. “If someone has already been on the side of a person with Alzheimer’s disease or whose abilities are diminished, it is often the person in charge of finances and who identifies the situation first, for example. He is not a member of the family. They are sometimes too close. They do not want to recognize him. They don’t want to see it. Often, it’s really someone a little outside, you know, like your advisor or your banker, or someone with such responsibilities. »

A pilot program

To strengthen the capacity of the authorities, the U.S. Department of Justice has approved the creation of a pilot program called HelpVul in 2018 to test the idea of ​​a centralized declaration system, reports Marin Gibson, Associate General Counsel for Government Relations. States to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.

“The most important thing is to increase collaboration and coordination. I think even one of the advantages observed, and which was not necessarily apparent on paper, was simply the fact to help people differentiate between agencies and different organizations to work with each other. They may not have known each other before, and now they have established a form of effective working relationship, ”he commented.

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