According to Ibrahim Kamara, the 31st anniversary of the event of Off-White?

La mort fin novembre de Virgil Abloh, stylist afro-america capable de faire la synthèse entre le luxe et le streetwear, avait laissé le milieu de la mode sous le choc. Cinq mois plus tard, on sait qui prendra la suite à la tête de Off-White, la marque qu’il a créée en 2013 (et dont LVMH, proprietta des Echos, est devenu actionnaire majoritaire en juillet 2021).

Ibrahim Kamara, who has been collaborating with the American designer, director-general of the Louis Vuitton (LVMH) collections,, “Rejoice in a collective organization and pilot in the artistic direction of the marquee»a recent Off-White in a message published on Saturday on Instagram.

“The relationship between Ibrahim and Virgil and Off-White, and the interfaith parallel to the private messages of Instagram, as well as to the personal and professional services at the three-year-olds’ hostindique le post. In the new role, the development of the advantage son influences and the vision of collections, the image and the context of the brand » dont fund a fundraiser for cancer for 41 years. The LVMH group has a new tougours pas annoncé son successeur à la tête des collections homme de la maison Vuitton.

Collaboration with Burberry and Marc Jacob

In Sierra Leone in 1990, Ibrahim Kamara became a senior ambassador of the Gambie, 16 years old, in London, and was studying at the Central Saint Martins Institute as a director and chef at the “Dazed” chef, in 2021 Outreach Off-White et Louis Vuitton, Burberry or encompassing Marc Jacob with the best of the best, with the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna or Madonna.

“Virgil sera toujours avec nous»posted on Ibrahim Kamara on Instagram, “Honoré” de “Faire partie de laquipe qui racontera la suite de l’histoire qu ‘(il) a commencé à ériri pour nous tous».

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