An Entrepreneur Starts A Clothing Business With $50,000 And Bills Of Millions

Veronica Dychter (right) poses with a line of aprons offered by her brand Bechamel

Significant changes in people’s professional lives are often made in less heat and with the patience of a Tibetan monk. Until one day, giving rise to effort and motivation and desire, they materialize, This is a break. One before and one after. and it happened Veronica DichterA 36-year-old entrepreneur from Buenos Aires who decided to start a new business amid a pandemic — she already had a previous business she sold for $50,000 that she used as an investment — was inspired by moments. and shared experiences with her grandmother in the kitchen.

It’s about Bechmel, its own brand of high-quality aprons and other textile elements, with which it managed to invoice $ 5,000,000 in the first year of its life. Similarly, it managed to expand its business and already exports to more than six countries including the United States, Switzerland and Mexico.

“Beshmail is my third venture with which, after my first and second experience, always in the digital world, I decided to build a brand. And it’s born a little bit at home, from family gatherings, and inspired by a love for cooking, for the aroma, that brings us those memories. Many times certain foods are passed down from generation to generation, and it is all brought to me by my 94-year-old grandmother, Lilia, who is the center of the family.“, revealed dicher in conversation with infobae,

“She’s like my other mom, she’s the one I keep going out with on Fridays for drinks, she’s the one I chat with. Bechmel has this to do with me, it’s a lot What is real is who I am, family, what inspires me and matters to me,” he deepened.

Lilia, Veronica’s 94-year-old grandmother who inspired Veronica’s business idea

“I created a brand of items for the home, but specifically for the kitchen. I want to create those everyday moments beautifully, no matter what marks or stains they leave. They are sustainable products, the idea is that they can be used a lot and that they are passed down from generation to generation. That is why we also look for high quality”, said the 36-year-old entrepreneur from Buenos Aires.

Having been designing and manufacturing together with a team of 20 people over three years, the brand, which operates through a digital store and social network, has sold over 5,000 aprons, 4,000 tablecloths and 8,000 accessories to date.

Dieter’s starting point as an entrepreneur was the birth of their first child, Leon. She realized that she wanted to be a full-time mom and move away from the corporate world in which she had worked for many years to give space to things that pertain to her family, her personal taste, her inspiration and her thoughts.

Raising her first child—Julia was to come later—she began to channel her more personal projects and launched her first children’s sports venture. After the success he achieved in no time, he was able to sell it and embark on an entrepreneurial path.

Tablecloth is one of Bechamel's best-selling products
Tablecloth is one of Bechamel’s best-selling products

Dieter insisted that from the very beginning he had a family and a network of women who were with him. ,I was able to surround myself with people who were able to guide and support me on a design and styling level all these years. My friend Natalia designs the apron, I have another friend who is a stylist and I put together a team of photographers, videos and social networks”, she explained.

I try to make my products sustainable so that they can be used and used and they can be passed on from generation to generation. So we also look for a high quality

In this sense, he highlighted the growth that Bechmel had in the past in which he was able to market his products abroad, where the domestic market had seen a reduction in consumption due to the high inflation recorded in the country.

,I started exporting to Uruguay. An acquaintance wrote to me saying she wanted to take the products to that country and that’s how I started. Later, Chile was sold and Colombia emerged in the midst of a pandemic. Now we are working with Mexico, USA and also opening Paraguayan market.“, he highlighted.

The Dichter brand, which operates through digital stores and social networks, has sold over 5,000 aprons, 4,000 tablecloths and 8,000 accessories to date.
The Dichter brand, which operates through digital stores and social networks, has sold over 5,000 aprons, 4,000 tablecloths and 8,000 accessories to date.

“My best year ever was the first year of the pandemic. At the billing level, it was insane. Last year I didn’t reach the same numbers as in 2020, but it was also good, and this 2022 I expect to exceed the turnover of the first year. My today’s launch is from the field of being able to export and open the market abroad”, said the young entrepreneur.

In the meantime, he stressed that he wants to keep growing in the times to come and “has a physical place in a universe of mismatch both in Argentina and abroad.”

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