Are calcium supplements the answer to healthy bones?

Calcium, a mineral, plays a key role in achieving healthy and strong bones. Our body continually removes a small amount of calcium from our bones and replaces it with new calcium. However, if the body removes more calcium than it replaces, then the bones slowly become weaker and brittle.

As such, many people pop calcium supplements in an attempt to make their bones stronger and keep bone-related issues at bay.

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“Our bones are metabolically active tissue, and are always lending its minerals to us in case the body needs them, ”said Neha Ranglani, an integrative health coach on Instagram. So under what circumstances do the bones get weak and the need to rely on supplements arise?

Sharing a post on her Instagram, the expert explains the things that affect bone strength and make them porous. Check out her post below:

* Eating highly processed foods or a lot of dairy and meat increases the acid load in our body. In order to neutralize it and maintain the blood pH at 7.4, our body pulls minerals from the bones, which weakens our bones.

* ”When we do not move enough we do not stimulate our bones to thicken and strengthen,” she wrote.

* Uncontrolled stress and exposure to toxins leads to inflammation “That leaches our bone minerals”.

* When we don’t have sufficient vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin K, our body cannot absorb calcium. This affects bone formation and regeneration.

* Poor gut health affects digestion and also the absorption of nutrients, including the calcium supplement.

The expert further suggests certain lifestyle and dietary changes to keep the bone healthy:

* Eat more plant-based foods such as greens, sprouts, fruits, veggies, nuts etc. and avoid too much meat and dairy products.

* Stop buying and eating packaged food items loaded with tons of additives. Replace them with healthier options.

*Exercise regularly and move more.

* Check your vitamin levels regularly.

* Manage stress through self-care activities.

* Don’t ignore your health and work on correcting issues like acidityconstipation, and bloating.

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