Artificial intelligence and employment | Attention to discrimination, Washington predicts

The U.S. federal government estimated Thursday that the use of artificial intelligence to select candidates for a job or monitor their productivity at work could discriminate against people with disabilities and violate the individual rights of citizens.

Posted at 4:07 p.m.

Matt O’Brien
Associated Press

The U.S. Department of Justice and the Commission for Equal Employment Opportunities have jointly published notices to employers to provide evidence of prudence if they wish to use algorithms designed to rationalize appraisal work. employees and employment prospects, but which could violate U.S. law on persons with disabilities.

Deputy Attorney General Kristen Clarke, of the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, told reporters Thursday that the use of artificial intelligence could aggravate the discrimination that has long subsided against people with disabilities in search of a emploi.

Among the popular artificial intelligence tools linked to work are resume numberers, employee monitoring software, which classifies workers according to the number of keystrokes on the keyboard.

Video interviewing software is also mentioned, which measures the speech patterns or facial expressions of a candidate. Such technology could potentially eliminate people who present with speech disorders or a range of other disabilities.

This decision reflects a broader push by President Joe Biden’s administration to favor positive advances in artificial intelligence technology, while limiting the opaque and potentially dangerous tools that are used to make important decisions about winning. bread of citizens.

“We fully recognize that there is enormous potential” in these technologies, said Charlotte Burrows, president of the Commission for Equal Employment Opportunities, which is responsible for applying anti -discrimination laws to work. “But we cannot allow these tools to become a technological route to discrimination. »

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