Chi’Lantro CEO hopes to inspire other immigrant entrepreneurs

Chi’Lantro CEO hopes to inspire other immigrant entrepreneurs The fast casual Korean BBQ restaurant started as a food truck in Austin about 12 years ago. FOX 7 Austin’s Leslie Rangel spoke to Jae Kim and got details on his journey as an Asian immigrant and why he’s sharing his story in hopes of inspiring others … Read more

A post-apocalyptic royal rave | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

The guest of honor at the Louis Vuitton cruise show, held last Thursday evening at the Salk Institute in San Diego, was not Olympic skier Eileen Gu, though she walked the runway. It was not brand ambassador Gemma Chan, though she was in the front row. It was the sun. The sun? The ball of … Read more

Strong technology and finance partnerships vital for digital success

Wavebreak Media | Getty Images Of all the C-suite relationships at organizations, one of the most strategically important in the age of digital business is the one between the chief information officer and the chief financial officer. More than ever, deciding on which technologies to invest in to improve the business can mean the difference … Read more

Warning Signs in China’s Economic Outlook as COVID-19 Spreads – The Diplomat

Advertisement New variables both within and outside of China in 2022 have placed the country’s economy under new pressure. In the first quarter, its economic growth rate was only 4.8 percent, which was 0.7 percentage points lower than the annual economic growth target of 5.5 percent, indicating that China will face challenges in stabilizing economic … Read more

The Dark Side of Wells Fargo’s ‘Diversity’ Efforts

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In a well-intentioned initiative gone wrong, current and former employees at Wells Fargo have come forward with details on how the bank carried out its diversity and inclusion efforts: fake interviews. Joe Bruno, a former executive at Wells Fargo, is one of seven individuals who have spoken … Read more