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Welcome back to school, everyone!

These first few days, students, teachers and staff are all settling into their routine.

Ruth Cuenco, an eighth grade journalism teacher at Vicente SA Benavente Middle School, has some great advice for parents for this first week:

“As much as possible, we want to alleviate students’ anxieties on the first days of school, especially if they are entering a new school or returning to in-person instruction from online.

“Talk to your children about what they can expect, such as healthy hygiene habits, COVID-19 mitigation procedures, classes they may take, etc.

“At the middle school level, students will have seven teachers. Basic school supplies will be provided by the school. Keep abreast with the latest announcements from the school’s website or social media.”

And, if you haven’t already, Cuenco suggests setting those night-time routines for your children, such as setting up an earlier bedtime, putting aside their phones a couple of hours before bed, and prepping clothes and lunch/snacks for the next day.

She also had one last piece of advice: “It really helps also, to get students more mentally and emotionally prepared when they have a friend or a familiar person that they can buddy with for the first days of school.”


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