Baswedan to revoke permit of companies producing excessive pollution

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has threatened to revoke the permits of factories or companies that produce excessive pollution.

“We will revoke their environmental permits if the factories pollute the air in Jakarta,” Baswedan stated after attending the Eid al-Adha prayer at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS), North Jakarta, Sunday.

He continued that the industrial sector was one of the biggest polluters in Jakarta. Pollution from industrial estates near Jakarta also affected the air quality in the capital city.

“This illustrates that air conditions in an area cannot be separated from other areas because the air and wind can move from one place to another,” he added.

Therefore, Baswedan added that the Jakarta administration is collaborating with other regional governments to handle excessive pollution from factories.

However, he refused to divulge which industrial estates often affect the capital’s air quality.

“We want everyone to take responsibility because the consequences of the unhealthy air are felt by all, including us in Jakarta,” he reminded.

The governor hopes that with a sense of responsibility for reducing air pollution in the surrounding area, there will be no recriminations between government services / agencies regarding the causes of poor air quality.

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Previously, Jakarta’s air quality also occupied the first position in the world with an unhealthy air quality index reaching an index of 188 on June 15.

Deputy Governor of Jakarta Riza Patria at that time stated that the increasing number of vehicles was considered to have triggered the capital’s air quality to deteriorate.

“Indeed, Jakarta was quite congested. When the number of vehicles returned to normal, then there was an increase in pollution,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Environment Service (DLH) noted that on June 15, low air temperatures and high humidity levels created an accumulation of pollutants, thereby encouraging air pollution in the capital city.

“As a result, air pollutants accumulated in the troposphere,” Public Relations Officer from Jakarta DLH Yogi Ikhwan said.

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