Beka Finance offers between 80 and 90 million euros per balance with 100% of Trea

The interest of Beka Finance by doing with 100% Trea Asset Management already has a reference price. The table that offers to pay the independent group led by Carlos Tejera and Carlos Stilianopoulos pivot between them 80 and 90 million eurosaccording to market sources known to the operation.

As this newspaper was published, Beka took the lead by managing the activities of Carlos Tusquets and signed one exclusivity period in the realization of the corresponding due diligence. As you can now EL ESPAOL-Invertia, this place is for five weeks and concludes in mid -June. Following it, entities are reluctant to make any type of comment at the moment.

Beka’s initial offer was between 65 and 75 million, but Tusquets and the rest of Trea’s partners –Antonio Muñoz-Suñe and the US fund Lovell Minnick– they were looking to crack around the 100 million. Of course, some parties are agreeing and earning up to 80 or 90 million euros.

By that date, the month of the exclusivity period established for the transaction had already expired.

Tusquets, which accounts for 64% of Trea AM’s shareholding, began moving a few months ago to replicate the US private capital Lovell Minnick Partners, which owns a 30% of management since 2017 but who has decided to end his relationship with partners. Another 5% of the share capital is in the hands of Muñoz-Suñe, director general and director of Investments of Trea.

Up to 32,000 million

The original idea of ​​the Catalan banker and businessman was simply to find a partner who would support Lovell Minnick in its 30% investment group, but Beka saw the opportunity to sum up 6,250 million in activos it is done with totality, that will catapult it to them 31,750 million of euros, and grow in the segment of institutional customers.

Trea maintains fund management and distribution agreements with Mediolanum Gestión, Grupo Cajamar and Novo Banco Gestiónmanager is the last to integrate last year.

It is worth noting that Beka Finance acquired Haya Titulización last November at the Cerberus fund, with 23,200 million under management. However, nearby sources point to the activities of Haya Real Estate’s debt management platform is amortized for a reason of 3,000 million a year to be titles, therefore that business would disappear in seven to eight years.

Although everyone seems confident that the ‘marriage’ between Beka and Trea will take place at a good port, it is still not closed and there is more interest in case there is a turn of events and the auction closes in a second. In fact, two investment funds and a private bank oversaw the transaction in anticipation of a turnover.

On a personal level, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the integration would be Muñoz-Suñe, who will serve as delegate advisor and director of investments of the Beka Asset Management branch.


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