Best review notebooks for Primary and ESO

Not all chavales can ‘put on their school boots’ during the summer months. Some of their parents oblige them to continue working and do it right even in tengan classes.

This is done for several reasons: to prepare for the next course and its challenges, to not forget what was learned during the past course or to recover, if they have left some assignment.

For this very parenting of the holidays there are review notebooks, also called holiday notebooks or summer notebooks. There are a list of models.

Amazon’s best -selling review notebook

You can search for them directly by age or course in which you find your little one. They are designed according to the stage in which children and adolescents meet.

Similarly, each time it is more common that these drawers handle vertical formulas, very specific materials or even techniques. Los general review notebooks cover different subjects in a single volume and have them as a target for younger children. The specifics are specific and are intended for older children.

The best novels for Primary children that you can buy on Amazon

The prices of these workbooks are round between 10 and 20 euros, generally. You can even find something cheaper than this price.

As for the most recognized brands in these accessories we have the classics cuadernillos Rubiobut also the myths of Santillana Holidays, Anaya Holidays, SM Holidays and Edebé Holidays.

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Taking all this into account, these are some of the best review notebooks for Primary and ESO that you can find:

Vacaciones Santillana 1 Primaria

Esta es the best -selling study and review guide on Amazon. In addition, at the time of editing this article is also in the second position of the best -selling books on the ecommerce platform.

It contains 80 pages 8 tasks of mathematics, language or nature, one by day. Its customers like its story format from the beginning to the end of the day, as if it were a story.

Buy the Santillana Vacation review notebook for 13.54 euros

Rubio Vacaciones

holiday notebook Rubio Segundo Primaria

One of the most economical and popular options when it comes to this type of guide that you can buy. It is directed to Second Primary children.

Helps review everything learned during the year in math, language and environment knowledge. The activities offered are divided into four thematic blocks: The human body, the animals, the plants and the solar system. The A4 notebook has 44 pages.

Buy the Rubio Vacaciones notebook for 2º de Primaria for 5.65 euros

Happy summer Masha and Osho

summer notebook Masha and the Bear

Masha’s work with Gold, the pig, the wolves and the hare are the best professionals possible for children 5 and 6 years old.

This notebook is intended to record and keep track of the knowledge acquired during the course through fun and simple activities for them. It has 68 pages.

Buy Masha and the Bear’s summer notebook for 9.45 euros

Holidays with Doraemon

Doraemon vacation notebook

Nothing is better than a 2 meter high cosmic cat and an interdimensional bag to help your children recover this summer. With a relaxed tone Doraemon, Nobita and his friends will remember what they have already learned during the course.

The notebook is directed to children aged 7 and 8 years. Review the basic concepts of the main areas, Language, Mathematics, Social, Natural, English and Artistic (Plastics and Music), which are repeated in a cyclical manner. The activities planted per area are one or two per page.

Buy Doraemon’s holiday notebook for 9.45 euros

Rumbo a 1º ESO

holiday notebook Rumbo a 1º ESO Anaya

The step from primary to secondary education is very important for the younger ones, which involves switching from center in some cases.

With this Anaya’s notebook iran a little more secure. To guide the children in this city are Alba and Lucas, who refreshed what they learned in 6º and accompanied them on a trip to the countries of Northern Europe and the culture of the children.

It is organized by materials and offers free access to an educational application to learn math, language or logic in a fun way.

Buy the Rumbo holiday notebook at 1º ESO for 14.15 euros

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