Best secrets to make perfect hamburgers, according to a chef

As a chef, I firmly believe that the best way to feed a crowd is to have prepared and ready to use all the necessary food for a party, which includes hamburgers.

When I worked as a line cook a few years ago, I learned the hard art of working with peeled meat and recycling the leaves for get the perfect hamburger, the most juicy possible.

If you want to prepare your guests the burger of your dreamsdon’t forget these 8 tips before turning the grill.

Drain the meat completely

Already you have ordered good quality cooked meat from your employer or local butcher or you have been deprived of it by an offer in the supermarket, the most important thing you have to do first is unpack it completely before cooking.

Hay 3 basic ways to peel peeled meat: in the refrigerator, in the microwave or in cold water.

Recommending the nevera method, it is excellent if you plan to prepare hamburgers with one or two days in advance. All you have to do is place the frozen meat in a bowl or container, place it on the lower shelf of the refrigerator and make sure it is completely frozen the next day.

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If you prefer to use the microphone, use the command or the specific button to unplug and work at intervals of 3 or 4 minutes, delaying the return. Then do it for less than 12 minutes or more, until the meat is completely frozen.

For the cold water method, put the sealed package of meat in a large, heavy bowl. Fill the container with cold drinking water. Fill it with fresh water every 20 to 30 minutes until the meat is completely cooked.

If possible, ask at your favorite grocery store if you can pick up a little fresh, medium -sized cow meat at the moment. A quarter of an inch is recommended, approximately.

This handle allows that the fat blends adequately with the meat and retains a fleshy and moist texture, including when I get drunk on a hot grill.

You can also ask your butcher to suggest any other meat combination or if you can include some very elegant meat at a lower cost.

If possible, have the pickled meat at home

You can try to cook at home with an independent meat picker with handle or use a specific accessory for it.

Simply cut the fried meat into 1 inch (about 2.5 centimeters) slices, freeze on a baking tray for about 10 minutes and then ready to grind. I suggest experimenting with the different flavors of a dish of different sizes.

You can too make pickled meat in the food processor until the set looks good and uniform, working in small lots so that the meat does not heat up.

Pay attention to fat percentage

Good meat knows best y the best meatballs each how to balance lean meat or nerve with fat to improve your potential.

If possible, intend to find a local farm that sells whole cuts or your own frozen meat. The most common hamburger cut is the lamb, with 80% meat and 20% fat.

In case of rush, the meat cooked to 85% will be finebut be very careful with excessive cocoon and do not exceed the average level of cocoon to retain moisture and flavor.

Remember that the shape of the hamburgers matters

Press the hamburgers lightly with a fork while they are in shape.

The center of hamburgers that weigh 170 grams or more can be overcooked before they finish cooking, but there is a quick solution to prevent the hamburgers from looking like flour.

Don’t overwork the meat when you’re forming the hamburger, that is this can give place to a thick and hard hamburger.

Carefully shape your hamburgers into flat, uniformly round discs and about 2.5 centimeters in size. Once the hands, press with the pulley in the center to create a hoyuelo that contributes to cooking in a uniform manner.

Make salt just before cooking

Once your hamburger discs were formed, it’s time to add a little salt.

Add salt to the chopped meat or stir to change its consistency. For example, a salchicha for breakfast is much easier than a fresh hamburger, all thanks to the salt and its molecular exchange capabilities.

Just before placing it on the grill, take a large slice of salt and gently cover the outside of the hamburger with a thin layer. Add the hamburger with the salt to the bottom of the grill and spread a little on the other side.

This should not make the hamburgers have an overly salty flavor, but will create a perfect proportion of seasoned meat for each mouthful.

Kitchen all at the right temperature, or just below

Pay attention to the temperature of your burgers.

Kitchen all at the right temperature, or just below. It is estimated that a large hamburger will take several degrees after cooking.

The low -fat hamburgers are cooked at 54 degrees centigrade and have a fresh and pink center with a carbonized exterior and a meaty flavor with tons of boiling juices.

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A medium hamburger is cooked to about 65 degrees centimeter and has a strong pink center. Without a doubt, this can quickly turn into a dry flavor, especially if the fat content is low.

Finally, you feel free to enjoy that hamburger well done, but don’t expect it to be the most juicy in the group. You can too experiment with different types of quality meat and see the difference for yourself.

There is no need to add many extra ingredients

That is, the truth is that a good meat, well treated, should be more than enough for a perfect and juicy hamburger. Additional ingredients such as eggplant, rolled bread and eggs can be good in other dishes, but you can make just a hamburger with pastel meat.

Keep additional ingredients like spicy mayonnaise, crispy milk and rolled tomatoes as supplements. You can bet for cheese cheddar añejo or gruyer, cover with caramelized cebolla or crispy chili mezcla with alioli to give a special touch.

Remember that the best hamburgers are the ones you will be tempted to repeat over and over again.

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