Case may collapse after ex-Queensland Health executive ‘got daughter a job’

Stamp’s lawyers had written a 24-page letter to Steinhardt two months later.

“Mr Stamp was disappointed by the suspension and the manner in which it was conducted, and that the Courier-Mail seemed to know more about the allegations than he did,” the letter read.

“Mr Stamp wishes to co-operate with the investigation so that the matter can be expedited and resolved as soon as possible at the least cost to the state.”

Stamp’s employment was terminated on January 17, 2015. He left Australia on January 31 and returned to Britain, because he could no longer hold his visa.

Holt read a further letter written by Stamp’s lawyers to the CCC.

“Mr Stamp remains willing to co-operate with the CCC’s investigations, he has made every effort to do so thus far, including by providing detailed written submissions. If the CCC would like to ask Mr Stamp any further questions, please let us know,” it said.


Holt asked Steinhardt why it was alleged Stamp had refused to be interviewed by the CCC, when legal letters showed repeated offers to be interviewed.

Steinhardt: “It was my understanding, based on the 24-page letter, that Mr. Stamp was not prepared to take part in an interview face-to-face with me,” Steinhardt said.

Holt replied: “But I’ve taken you to that letter and the only bits that talk about future co-operation all say: ‘I am willing to co-operate’.”

Steinhardt: “Yes, there is co-operation and my interpretation of that was that any further questions I had would have to be emailed to his lawyer.”

Holt also expressed his displeasure at the way Stamp was described by the media after he left the country, and Australian television news cameras went to his house in Norfolk.

Holt: “You agree, just so we are absolutely clear, that Mr Stamp never ‘fled’ the jurisdiction, was not ‘hiding’ from anybody, was not a ‘fugitive from justice’, was he?”

Steinhardt agreed.

Holt: “When the media started reporting that nonsense, what did the CCC do about it?”

Steinhardt said it was not his concern.

Stamp’s legal team will write to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office asking that all charges against Stamp be withdrawn, given the evidence heard during the committal hearing.

The DPP will advise the court whether the matter is still proceeding when the case returns to Brisbane Magistrates Court on October 24.

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