Employee ownership day: Economy Minister sets out plans to double the number of employee-owned businesses in Wales

The Minister marked the day by visiting Tregroes Waffles in Llandysul, which is part-owned by the locally-based staff who work for the bakery. An employee ownership trust has benefited both the owner and the employees, who now have more of a say in the thriving business. On average, two to three employee buy-out deals take … Read more

Krugman on the effects of a hot economy

People often suggest that a fast growing economy is inflationary. I would argue that exactly the opposite is true. Consider this data for Venezuela and Singapore from an old Robert Barro textbook: Venezuela (1950-90): Average RGDP growth = 4.4% Average inflation = 8.0% Singapore (1963-89): Average RGDP growth = 8.1% Average inflation = 3.6% Singapore … Read more

Tourism as a crucial driver of global economic recovery, By Folorunsho Coker

With many of these constituents having undergone massive erosion before the recent rebound, the November conference would create a fundamental opportunity for conversation across policy makers and industry experts, with the benefit of global comparative experience, to enable the basis for leapfrogging economic recovery through the tourism and creative sectors. Gathering For a Rescue Mission … Read more

In Mexico, the cartels of the river Joyaux are the tourist destinations of the Riviera Maya

The national patrol station on Playa Pescadores, in Tulum (Mexico), on November 8, 2021. ARTUR WIDAK / NURPHOTO VIA AFP Leurs fusils-mitrailleurs et leurs gilets pare-balles détonnent sur la plage de sable fin de Playa del Carmen, dan le sud-est du Mexique. The police and the militia, which zigzagent between the servicemen of the bain, … Read more

The bad economic news that the Fed is looking for

This post was originally published on TKer.com. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell reiterated the central bank’s top priority right now: Bringing down inflation. “It’s unconditional, our commitment,” Powell told the House Financial Services Committee on Thursday. He also acknowledged that the Fed’s efforts could come with some economic pain. When asked about the likelihood of … Read more