Creation of a Quebec-France Corridor in sustainable finance

“The establishment of the Quebec-France Corridor in sustainable finance is a mutual recognition of Quebec and French expertise in sustainable finance. This initiative will allow us to share our knowledge on crucial issues in sustainable finance to propel Montreal and Québec among the major financial centers on the international sustainable finance scene, ”said Jacques Deforges. director general of Montreal Finance.

“Finance for Tomorrow is ready to partner with Finance Montréal to consolidate relations between the two places and thus create a true transatlantic alliance. This partnership translates the ambition we have since 2018 with FC4S (Network of International Financial Places Around Resilience Issues) to bring together international Places actors and share good practices to make finance sustainable. mainstream For her part, said Pauline Becquey, Director General of Finance For Tomorrow.

38 mobilized organizations

Seven months after the unveiling of the Quebec Financial Placement Declaration for Sustainable Finance, 9 institutions of the financial industry are joining the first signatory or supporting organizations. These are Addend Capital, AlphaFixe Capital, EY, Global Alpha Capital, Manuvie, Sustainable Power, TD Placement Management, Evol and Trans-Canada Capital.

La Statement of the Quebec financial position for sustainable finance is a charter of commitment that aims to affirm Quebec’s leadership in sustainable finance, to support the development of local expertise and to position financial institutions in the face of major environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. In total, the 38 signatory organizations represent $ 1,350 in assets under management.

“As a long -time member of the Quebec financial community, Manuvie is proud to be a signatory of the Quebec Financial Placement Declaration for Sustainable Finance. We will continue to develop our partnership with Concordia University, where we have co-developed the Sustainable Investing Practicum all while financing the program and offering scholarships, because we know that the formation of the next generation of leaders in sustainable investment is essential to achieving our global climate goals. Said Mike Doughty, President and CEO of Manuvie Canada.

“It is imperative that we evolve our economy towards a more sustainable model that creates long -term value for all and benefits society. As signatories to this Declaration, we reaffirm our commitment in this transition in developing investment strategies to catalyze capital towards sustainable solutions, ”said Olivier Desmarais, President of the Council and Chief Executive of Sustainable Power.

Note that the commitments taken by the signatories have already already been concrete changes. For example, Fondaction has partnered with the Center for Science and Biodiversity of Quebec (CSBQ) and the Society for Nature and Parks of Quebec (SNAP Québec) to develop indicators of respect for biodiversity and ecosystem integrity in Quebec. These indicators will be supported by teams of investors who are already evaluating climate risk.

Another sign of the dynamism associated with Quebec’s sustainable finance ecosystem, Montréal will host the North American offices of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), a new international organization responsible for developing standards for the presentation of information. uniforms and comparisons on environmental, social and governance issues.

Montreal Finance and Finance for Tomorrow, a branch of Paris Europlace, are not in their first collaboration. They are also partners in the Quebec-France Digital Course. This program to accompany the export of young financial technologies (FinTech) between Quebec and France aims to create new opportunities for companies and investors from all over the Atlantic by allowing entrepreneurs an immersion in the out-of-Atlantic markets.

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