Crèdit Andorrà formalizes purchase of GBS Finance high -income assessment business | Companies

Creand Wealth Management (Banco Alcalá), a private banking entity of Grupo Crèdit Andorrà, has formalized the purchase of GBS Finanzas Investcapital AV, the GBS Finance value agency specializing in advising high -income clients and Family Office, after obtaining approval of the corresponding regulating organisms.

Once the operation is completed, Creand Wealth Management will progressively integrate the GBS Finanzas Investcapital AV business into a new Family Office area that will create the bank, with the objective of maintaining its flexibility by providing an integrated, close and aligned service to customers. their needs and interests. The team for this new area will be led by Santiago Hagerman, founding partner and delegated advisor of GBS Finance Investcapital AV, who has almost three decades of experience in the field of private banking and asset management.

Creand Wealth Management has a philosophy and values ​​very close to GBS Finanzas Investcapital AV, a pioneer in Spain in offering a business model based on transparent and global financial advisory, fully customer -centric, and with open and independent architecture.

This operation is embedded in the Andorrà Credit Group’s strategy for consolidation and organic and inorganic growth in Spain, and the development of strategic alliances with reference entities to expand the value offering to the customer.

Xavier Cornella, executive councilor and general director of Grupo Crèdit Andorrà, explained that “the Group’s strategic plan is centered on growing business in Spain and in the rest of the venues where we are present, focusing on reaching agreements with help us continue consolidating our private banking model and asset management, prioritizing the ability to offer the best service to our customers ”.

Diego Fernández de Henestrosa Argüelles, president of Creand Wealth Management (Banco Alcalá, SA), and Marcos Ojeda, general counsel, have explained that “the model of customized furniture and open architecture of GBS Finanzas Investcapital AV is still perfectly with us, the that will allow us to continue offering a service orientation that is entirely customer -centric and satisfies their particular needs ”.

For his part, Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of GBS Finanzas Investcapital AV, and Santiago Hagerman, delegate adviser, noted that “the operation will allow us to obtain one of the largest economies of scale and provide better service to our clients, in a sector that currently is immersed in a growing process of consolidation ”.

After the experienced organic growth in 2021 and the integration of GBS Finanzas Investcapital AV, Creand Wealth Management accounts for a volume under management of approximately 3,200 million euros. This figure allows the entity, which has centers in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, to consolidate as one of the main actors in the field of private banking and wealth management in Spain, with a consolidated business model and elevated solvency and liquidz.


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