Cuéntame, a wellness and mental health platform, raises $1.1 million in a pre-seed round led by Impacta VC

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Cuéntame ha anunciodo el cierre de su ronda de pre-semilla por $1.1 million de dolares, posicionándose como One of the fastest growing startups in the mental health industry en México y Latinoamérica. Founded in 2019 in Mexico, Cuéntame is closing the existing gap in the inclusion of mental health in organizations.

The funding round has been led by Impacta VC and has included investments from Colectivo Jaguara, 99 Startups, Fondation Botnar & New Ventures, Pareto20 and Investo, as well as multiple angel investors. El siguiente paso para Cuéntame es seguir creciendo su presencia en México, Colombia y Chile. According to projections, it is expected to grow 12 times its actual size by the end of 2023.

Until now, the platform has reached 64,000 people in different organizations, including big names like Nestlé and unicorns like Kavak and Bitso. El impacto de Cuéntame en estas organizaciones es enorme; media, staff turnover has decreased by 60% and welfare has increased by 40%.

With this round of investment, they hope to reach a million users in the next 18 months, as they said recently on LinkedIn: “We know pioneros de la salud mental y tenemos la firme convicción de que la discipline junto con la curiosidad infinita por aprender de nuestros usuarios let us fulfill the mission of eliminating barriers to mental health in every corner of Latin America”.

The idea of ​​the initiative was born después de que Regina Athié and Fernando Chávez, two of the founders talked about their personal struggles to access mental aid. It is not surprising that the fact that it was founded just before the pandemic has contributed to catalyzing the growth that the company is currently experiencing, because the pandemic has been a key moment in terms of mental health awareness.

There is a huge gap in access to mental health care for people, which is especially notable in Latin America and the Caribbean, where on average only 1% to 2% of the country’s health budget is allocated to initiatives salud mental. The Cuéntame platform is contributing to show this disparity, as it has informed that 70% of its users access mental health care for the first time in their lives when they join the platform.

El bienestar de los collaboradores tiene una enorme repercussion en las organizations, y su falta puede provocare pérdidas de los productivity, agotamiento y absentismo. In a study, the researchers discovered that the workers pierden una media de medio día de trabajo a la semana dueto a la depresión. It is estimated that depression costs employers between $31,000 and $51,000 million dollars per year in lost productivity. According to the Lancet Commission, in 2030 the global costs of mental health problems will rise to $16 billion.

Cuéntame es a platform driven by humans and technology que se centra en la identification, prevention y resolution de riesgos para la salud mental. It provides personalized resources and high quality not only to collaborators but also to their families. Las organizações reciben indicadores de bienestare, que sumarán el estado de la empresa en cuanto al bienestare de sus collaboradores, puntos dolor e información sobre cómo pueden mejorar para ser mejores emploedores. Cuéntame espera que, través de su platforma, las organizaciones puedan evitar la rotation de personnel por agotamientomejorar el compromise y crear una cultura de bienestar que inspire y motivate a las personas.

Un obstáculo que debe superar Cuéntame es el stigma que existe en toda América Latina con respecte a la salud mental. La cultura tradicional latina, en la que los valores machistas son comunes, usually implies a minor disposition to seek professional help. Queda mucho camino por recurror para reducir la brecha de salud mental (the difference between the number of people who need attention and those who receive it), because the weighted average of the treatment gap in Latin America for moderate and severe disorders is about 75%.


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