“Curry Stopper”: Fans Go Crazy As LeBron James’ Former Teammate Who Put The Clamps On Stephen Curry In 2014-15, Looks To Make A Return To the NBA

Undrafted. 2013 Summer League. Only started 4 games for a lottery team. Matthew Dellavedova’s career, unfortunately, had this as its highlight before the 14-15 season. However, he turned it around with a series of brilliant performances which showed his character and game sense. After his famous finals series performance, the words associated with him were energy, effort, hustle, and heart. And deservedly so, as LeBron James’ teammate frustrated the best shooter of all time and MVP of that season, Stephen Curry.

The Australian international has never been a starter in his career. Even at his best in Cleveland, LeBron James’ side depended on him as an off-the-bench option. But he always grabbed those chances with both hands. With all due respect to Matthew Dellavedova, he was not the most talented.

But he always played his heart out. The Cavs benefited immensely from his non-stop hustle and off-the-ball game as he was as good as anyone at that on his day. As of today, he still has the same passion and desire for the game as he is working supremely hard to make a comeback next season after just 13 appearances in the last.


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The 31-year-old guard is working out with the Sacramento Kings in Vegas during the Summer League. He hopes to get back on a team in the NBA. Clearly, he is not done yet and wants to show people that he can still play with the same intensity.


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Last season Matthew barely played. Having started only 8 times in the last 4 seasons, many would have thought he would give up his boots and end his career. But as it turns out, he is still ready to do the hard work.

NBA fans remember Matthew Dellavedova for the finals performance against Stephen Curry

NBA fans were excited to read about a forgotten star who had stunned everyone on the biggest stage of all, the NBA finals. Matthew Dellavedova obviously also is an NBA champ and the fans well and truly remember him.

When people talk about Delly, they’ll talk about how he went toe to toe and frustrated Steph to get Cleveland the lead in the NBA Finals.


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Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors eventually had the upper hand against the Cavaliers. However, it wasn’t because of the lack of effort from Delly. He left absolutely everything on the court.


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It wasn’t about how he locked Steph down, because Curry had an amazing series, anyway. However, the important thing was how he chased two of the league’s best shooters in Steph and Klay. He refused to give ground to much bigger guys on post-ups, and dove on the floor almost every time there was a loose ball.

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