DIJON: Le marché de printemps Savoir-faire 100% Côte-d’Or prend ses marques dans les jardins du Département

The printing company will be 100% eligible for the premium for the first half of the department on 14 May. Retour on the inauguration of the vendor on 13 May.

The department, which is located on the boulevard of Trémouille and the prefecture of the prefecture, has been set up and organized for the purpose of collecting territory, at the point of operation of the prefecture lors de chaque saison. In the case of printing works, it is for the first time that it has been re-established.

This publication was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 13 May 2022. The touches and ingredients of the savoy fair are 100% Côte-d’Or en étendard.

The transfer of the market to the end of the year and the end of the term “shall be carried out”. François Sauvadet, President of the Department of Côte-d’Or for the sake of 250 agricultural workers, producers, restorers, artisans and authors on behalf of the port.

Quantities determined on the basis of the territory of the Community, other than those of the territory of the Member States, for the purposes of the Community’s contribution to the richness and diversity of production, up to a maximum of en production proximity ». This ensuite «aller verse leux de consommation», en développant en l’occurrence la marque évoquée.

«Fair production and production»

«The fair value of the production is limited. En achetant 100% Côte-d’Or, les consommateurs savent qu’ils soutiennent l’économie et l’emploi dans départements », auu François Sauvadet, d’autant plus dans un contexte plus large face auquel le presésement a the aid granted to the French agricultural sector and plus the country concerned.

The chef took the restaurant at the Chateau de Courban in Takashi Kinoshita, the ambassador of the marche on 15 April (lire notre article), which is the subject of a special contract for the promotion of agricultural products in the Community: Fabrice Faivre, Vice-President of the Agricultural Chamber of Côte-d’Or, Yves Bard, President of the Côte-d’Or de la Chambre de méttier et de l’artisanat, and Pascal Gautheron, President of the CCI Métropole de Bourgogne.

Philippe Delin on the quantification of the retrospective positives of the commercialization of the ‘Notre-Dôte-Côte d’Or’, with the exception of ‘28,000 liters of pre-commercial production ‘(lire notre article).

The market is open to the production of manure from the center of production, the artisans and the consulates. The restaurants are varied and detailed with the passion and the local market. The contract was issued on 14 May 2022, from 10 am to 7 pm Entrée possible from 23 boulevard de la Trémouille et au 53 bis rue de la préfecture.

There are animations in the programs and the list of exhibitors in the retrospective le site internet du Côte-d’Or.

Alix Berthier
Photos: Alix Berthier

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