Do you have a small business? WhatsApp Business is already available for you with free cloud storage

WhatsApp is not only a messaging application that solves our life at a personal level, but it also serves as a support for many companies every year. Por medio de WhatsApp Business It is possible to program automated responses to frequent questions from potential clients, speed up the communication you have with them, organize your agenda with labels, create and show a catalog of products and obtain statistics on what happens with your conversations. Although it is a great tool, until now it was a little complicated for small companies to start using it, because it was necessary to configure a API (Application Programming Interface) y el proceso resultaba difícil y engorroso, además de que necesitabas ayuda de algun providador de servicio autorizado.

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Hace un par de días Mark Zuckerberg announced an important change to make the tool more accessible to companies of all sizes. In the official blog of WhatsApp it is explained: “Today we are taking a significant step to make WhatsApp available for any company of any size in the whole world to offer servicios de alojamiento en la nube gratuitos and insurance provided by Meta. With this new API, we have reduced the starting time from months to minutes so that companies and developers can quickly and easily access our service, build directly on WhatsApp to personalize even more their experience and increase the speed at which they can respond a sus clientes”.

En Conversations, an event organized by Meta, himself Mark Zuckerberg talked about the change and emphasized the need today for businesses to be where people are. In addition, he added that more than a million people send messages to different businesses every week. “Today I am excited to announce that we are opening WhatsApp to any business of any size around the world with WhatsApp Cloud API”. Según el CEO de Meta, ahora, en questión de minutos, un negocio puede darse de alta en la plataforma y commensar a utilizarla sin tener que incurrir adicionales expenses, pues ofrece servicios de alojamiento de datos gratuitos en la nube.

The company also announced that in addition to the free version of WhatsApp Business, it will present a premium option that will allow the use of personalized hyperlinks and the use of up to 10 simultaneous devices to respond to conversations.

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