Economy | A tier of the French to renovate to effect a margin

By La Provence (with AFP)

In addition to a resident of the French metropolitan area on the three (32%) companies have a reputation for less administrative expenses in the league on some of the last two days, including the results of the 2021 reprimands and publications published in France. “The three quarters of the center are also able to affect these major issues (by phone, on the spot, etc.), more than a quarter, soit 8% of the total population, the resonant definitively to achieve“, note l’Institut national de la statistique et des etudes ekonomiques.

Parmi les persons ayant renoncé à effectuer une démerche démerérialisée, 30.2% invoquent un problème lié à la leur internet connection. For 29.1% of all, this is the complexity of the issues that remain. Enfin, 25.7% of people in difficulty with the difficulties in the line are sentencingly incomprehensible to the best of their ability to dissertation. Women are more than men who rejuvenate with online formalities (54.9% vs. 45.1%), more “they are also trying to save their other ways to improve and rejuvenate less than definitely“, relève l’Insee.

In addition to the study, the financial situation of the probes influences their aptitude to realize the differences in line. Ainsi, “11% of the population find themselves in a situation of material and social privatization, but this is the case of 18% of people who have declared difficulties in their administrative problems.“.”The youngsters from 18 to 29 years old are surprisingly present to the people who have found out the difficulties: they represent 20% of the people, but they are not even 16% of the population“, ajoute l’Insee.

Malgré les freins details by the statistical institute, “the demarcation of the demarches is a long-term development in the course of the last two years“Some of the residents residing in the French metropolitan area (67%) have 2021 to be affected by some administrative defects in the league on some of the previous precedents, a two percent increase in the number of citizens (33% in 2011).

Depuis 2011, l’appropriation des démerches numericques a nettement progressé dans toutes les tranches d’age, mais reste faible ches les plus de 75 ans: seuls 26.6% entre eux disaient, au prtempsps 2021, avoir effectué une demarche en line on the school floor.

The study is based on the “Technologies of Information and Communication” of the Insee, less than March 29 and June 17, 2021, after 40,000 French and metropolitan months .

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