El ‘Digital Innovation Hub’ de Extremadura elegido por la CE como centro de innovacin para orchestra la digitalizacin de las pymes

El ‘Digital Innovation Hub’ de Extremadura elegido por la CE como centro de innovacin para orchestra la digitalizacin de las pymes

The ‘Digital Innovation Hub’ (DIH) de Extremadura Tech4E, developed by the Consejería de Economía, Ciencia y Agenda Digital, has also been chosen by the European Commission (CE) as an innovation center to orchestrate the digitalization of industries at a regional level, nacional y del resto de países de la Unión Europea.

Before that, it will count with an initial budget of 4,281,112.8 million euros for a period of three years and will also opt for a line of funds Next Generationvehiculada a través de la Fundación EOI del Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo.

The resolution of the European Commission highlights that the approach and logic of the extreme proposal “are solid and convincingly linked to the needs of businesses in different sectors with the benefits that technologies can provide”.

In addition, he notes that the proposal from the region proposes “an extensive and coherent set of services to support those that are necessary for a Digital Innovation Hub, as they approach trials and experiments, training services, support for the search for financing and ecosystems y redes de innovation”.

There are only 12 nationally recognized centers.


The ‘Digital Innovation Hub’ of Extremadura Tech4E is a non-profit initiative, the result of an unprecedented public-private collaboration initiative, with the objective of boosting digital transformation, digitalization of industry and innovation and international competitiveness de las pymes

In concrete, the Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura, (Fundecyt-PCTEx), the Provincial Diputaciones and the Chambers of Commerce of Badajoz and Cáceres, the University of Extremadura, the Fundación Computaex, the Asociación Empresarial Extremeña de Tecnologías de la Información and la Comunicación (AEXTIC), el Clúster de la Energía de Extremadura, el Centro de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas de Extremadura y Feval Centro Tecnológico.

Está constituido como una unique window of training services to improve the use of digital technologies, technological services of I+D+i to the development of digitalization plans and business development services to make the investments that they make profitable.

This is hub está abierto a companies and institutions that can offer infrastructures, digital tools, technological products or formative actions as actives susceptible to be incorporated into their catalog of resources.

The objective is to count with the largest number of possible actors before working with a common methodology and cataloging all the assets that exist in the extreme digital ecosystem before boosting the digitalization of the economy.


The DIH of Extremadura Tech4E se estructura en cuatro nodos en torno a los que se se catalogan el conocimiento y la tecnología: energy efficiency, como principal fuente de reduction de costes a los que se fronta la industria; ecología y medio ambiente, considered as factor de producción; igualdad, entendida como dimensión social de la actividad económica y empresarial; y economía, como tendencia para la eficiencia en el uso de los recursos.

In the web address http://www.dih4e.eu/ you can consult all the information of this physical and virtual space in which they concentrate the actions and services of different agents of Extremadura for the development and improvement of products and productive processes de negocio, a través del uso de la tecnologia.

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