Electric car sales jumped 83 percent in a year; Market share doubled

Sales of electric cars during the first six months of this year were significantly higher than in the same period in 2021. Sales figures showed an increase of 82.9 percent, reported industry organizations RAI and BOVAG.

Up to and including June this year, nearly one in five newly purchased cars were fully electric. Last year, that rate was about one in ten.

In total, 29,531 new electric cars were registered in the first six months of this year. According to the sector, the increase is partly because subsidies were made available for more vehicles. There are also an increasing number of affordable electric models on the market.

However, the available budget for the subsidies already ran out this year, which may mean that potential electric car buyers may decide to postpone their purchase until next year. The RAI Association and BOVAG believe this is a “missed opportunity,” and they called on the government to make more subsidy funds available. The organizations made a similar appeal in the past.

In addition to fully electric cars, hybrid cars are also more popular, possibly as a result of high fuel prices. The number of plug-in hybrid cars sold increased by 17.6 percent. The number of hybrid cars without a plug was 24 percent higher. This is partly because there are more of these model types available.

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