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Entrepreneur Kyle Raffo is one of the paramedics starring in the latest series of 999: On The Front Line. The 28-year-old will be featured attending incidents and supporting those in need across the West Midlands with technician Sophie Hobbis

Midlands entrepreneur Kyle Raffo will be one of the paramedics starring in the latest series of 999: On The Frontline which starts on Channel 4 this weekend (Sunday 25 September).

The 28-year-old, who lives in Tamworth, will be one of several paramedics followed by the production crew as they attend a range of incidents across the West Midlands. Kyle will be featured in several episodes with his technical partner Sophie Hobbis.

Kyle said: “Being a paramedic does keep you grounded and connected with what’s truly important in life. You see people at their most vulnerable and you do all you humanly can to help them. I’ve been proud to be filmed and proud to work alongside Sophie. Working with the production crew to shine a light on the wonderful work done by ambulance crews across the UK has been an honour.”

Incidents attended by Kyle and Sophie during the filming period when several crews hosted film crews simultaneously, included road traffic collisions, those suffering mental health crises, and life-threatening medical emergencies.

Kyle is most well known in the West Midlands as a young serial entrepreneur and the founder of the merchandise company Embello. Few people realize he is also a paramedic.

999:On The Front Line is filmed and produced for Channel 4 by Curve Media and this new series of ten episodes is series eight. It is narrated by actor Tamla Kari.

Find out more about 999: On The Front Line visit https://www.channel4.com/programmes/999-on-the-front-line

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