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It should go without saying that starting a business is difficult – and yet, new ventures seem to be popping up all over the place. From online services and e-commerce, to food trucks and endlessly innovative ways of doing ordinary things, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all it takes is an idea.

This, unfortunately, is not the case. Starting a business can be incredibly difficult – and then keeping it going even more so. Many businesses that once flourished were forced to shut down during the pandemic, so ensuring your venture is future proof is an essential part of the planning process. As well as this, you will need to build out your brilliant ideas into a workable plan that will help you to scale, which also identifies the core values ​​and objectives of your business – and more.

In this hands-on workshop with entrepreneur and business adviser Emma Warren, you will be taken through many of the common pitfalls that can lead to business failure – and then shown how to avoid them. Come armed with as many questions as you can hypothetically carry, and learn about the essentials of starting up, why it’s important to identify – and then communicate – your values, how you can maintain a clear vision, and more.

Bring a pen and some paper, too – because Emma will coach you through writing your business plan in real time, meaning that you will complete this class with a complete and workable strategy that you can take forward, as well as the confidence to assess ideas and make the right decisions, and a strong framework that supports your business now – and in the future.

This course is for …

Course content

  • Start with the essentials

  • The importance of values

  • Vision: what do you really want to do?

  • Focus – the difference that having a plan makes

  • Why running a business is never the easy option

  • Continuity: revisit, revise, review

  • Create your business plan

  • Q&A

Tutor profile

Emma Warren is a portfolio entrepreneur who owns five businesses, advises two, and is the director of three. Her director level business experience spans across retail, hospitality, manufacturing and engineering. She has been an honorary Fellow at the Exeter University center for leadership and coached on Swansea University’s Lead Wales course for entrepreneurs. Emma regularly teaches and mentors new business owners. See her website here.


  • This course has now passed, but you can be the first to know about the next one – and other workshops like this – by signing up to our newsletter here.

Date: Monday 9 May 2022
Time: 6.30pm-9pm BST
Price: £89 (plus £4.37 booking fee)

This masterclass is available globally. If you are joining us from outside the United Kingdom, please use this time zone converter to check your local live streaming time.

6.30pm BST | 7.30pm CEST | 10.30am PDT | 1.30pm EDT

You will be sent a link to the webinar two hours before the start time of 6.30pm (BST)

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