Few takers for a job with a starting salary of $ 51,633

Wellington is facing a chronic shortage of lifeguards at pools across the city.  (File photo)


Wellington is facing a chronic shortage of lifeguards at pools across the city. (File photo)

Are you a good swimmer looking for a job with starting pay of more than $ 50,000? If you are, the Wellington City Council has the job for you.

Faced with a chronic shortage of lifeguards and guards calling in sick with Covid, the council has been forced to temporarily close Tawa Pool and is looking to recruit at least 12 full-time guards.

The criteria for applicants is to be 16 years and over, a confident swimmer and be willing to work weekends. On the job and first aid training is provided, plus a starting salary of $ 51,633.

According to careers.govt.nz, firefighters start on a base salary of $ 58,000 and nurses $ 54,000 a year.

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Council recreation facilities manager Mathew Bialy said there was a nationwide shortage of lifeguards. but Wellington had been hit hard.

“There is a major shortage of labor all around the world due to a number of factors including the impacts of Covid, immigration, OEs and, anecdotally, young potential staff are interested in work with more flexibility, more pay and less stress.”


New Zealanders tighten their belts as increasing grocery, petrol and housing costs create a perfect storm.

Wellington has 48 full-time staff, but there are 12 vacancies. The council is temporarily closing Tawa Pool from July 25, while it tries to recruit.

Bialy said being a lifeguard was rewarding and he hoped more people would consider it as a career.

“Being a lifeguard is a great job to consider as the skills learned are transferable to general life including learning the value of team-work, improved communication skills and fitness, increased responsibility.”

Starting salaries listed on careers.govt.nz

  • Solicitors with less than one year’s experience earn $ 53,000 to $ 58,000
  • Journalists start from $ 42,000
  • Police officers start on $ 69,000
  • Graduate primary school teachers earn between $ 48,000 and $ 52,000 a year and secondary school teachers between $ 52,000 and $ 57,000 in their first year.
  • Graduate librarians earn between $ 46,000 and $ 55,000.

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