Geecool: the first Spanish brand of re -conditioning electronic devices

“We can’t continue consuming like this until nowall new product, use every 2 years and shoot “, resume during an interview for Business Insider Spain the general director of Spanish technology SPC, Teresa Acha-Orbea.

Below this premise, SPC launches this Monday, July 11th first Spanish brand of reacting electronic devices: Geecool. An online sales service that will initially focus on mobile, but in the future plans to open up to “watches, video consoles, computers …”.

This is a differential proposal in this market, subraya Acha-Orbea, because in its case there are no intermediaries or subcontractors: they manage everything, from the acquisition to the reaction, the sale or the service is possible.

“In the quality control equipment we have the knowledge of how to make a repair of a smartphone, of a tablet …”, explains the general director, referring to those already concerned with “necessary installations, equipment and knowledge” the trajectory of SPC as a producer of high consumption.

With the launch of Geecool pretends that this factor distinguishes other proposals that subcontract questions such as technical service and only “make the purchase and sale”. “Let’s do everything we can to get into the circular economy”recalca Acha-Orbea, making reference to the purchase of terminals, re-conditioning, sales and technical service.

Variety of devices and demand for sustainability

SPC is dedicated to the manufacture of its own electronic devices, but with Geecool the company has opened up to the sale of other brands. “The biggest demand in the high -consumption sector are iPhones”announced the general director of the company.

Acha-Orbea targets the cost as a key factor in this type of device, whose selling price to the public oscillates between 800 and 1,000 euros, while the reactants cost almost “the average”.

Without embargo, the brand also offers second -hand Android devicesnow that its director general ensures that have more demand on the part of the companies. “They are starting with the same awareness”, he said, referring to the need for entities to renovate the terminals of its plant and its supply each time more by reactivated devices.

In that sense, the demand for medium -environmental sustainability is similar to that of a more economical product. When asked what weighs more on SPC when it comes to launching Geecool, Acha-Orbea says “one goes from the hand of the other”. “Consciousness exists and about everything among young people”, he added.

The big technology companies give up and now it will be possible to repair your own smartphone for your account

Mobile with more than one life

With regard to the general rise in prices, the manager does not believe that it affects the future of a project like Geecool: “There are other factors as to the attitude of people towards a circular economytowards a more responsible consumption “.

“We continue to have problems with funding and there are brands that are not agreeing to produce enough for the new market “, added Acha-Orbea, noting that in that context people are opting for alarming the lives of their devices or sustaining them by other reactants.

The director does not see a relationship between the second hand era and the inflation situation that is facing sectors such as the technologist: of 400, you buy what you have for 400 “.

Acha-Orbea highlights the relevance of his proposal to reflect on “how we are consuming” and claims that companies “adapt” and offers consumers the possibility to “repair their devices”.

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