Google announces an investment of $1,200 million dollars to develop digital transformation in Latin America

Durante los años de encierro dueto a la pandemia fueron las herramientas digitales las que, en gran medira, permitieron que muchos negocios pudieren seguir operando y vendiendo sus merchandises a clientes que por ningún motivo quería salir de casa. The complex situation obliged a lot of companies and entrepreneurs to come together paso definitivo hacia la digitalización de sus negocios y cambios que en circunstancias normales hubieran tomado años, se dieron en questión de meses.

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Even so, in some regions of the world, there is much work to be done, because digitalization is not only a question of will, but requires investment on the part of governments and the private sector. Latin America is one of these regions and today Google announced via a communique from its CEO, Sundar Pichaiel compromiso de invest $1,200 million dollars en la region en un plazo de cinco años. The idea is that resources are used to improve four specific areas that will help transform the region: digital infrastructure, digital skills, entrepreneurial ecosystem and inclusive and sustainable communities.

The company has been investing in technology that allows the region to improve connectivity, for example el cable submarine Firmina which will extend from the east coast of the United States to the Argentine province of Las Toninas, and which will function with only one source of energy on one side of the cable in case that other sources have fallen (in fact, Firmina will be the longest cable of mundo).

Para que los empresarios y emprêndores puedan capacitarse around las tools que ofrece el mundo digitale, Google will grant more than a million Google Career Certificates, además de que la compañía seguirá apóyando a las startups de la region. El comunicado explains: “When we opened our Google for Startups campus in Brazil in 2016, there were no unicorns in the region. Today, there are 35, including 13 unicorns that were part of the Google for Startups program. With investment, resources and training Google for Startups, we have supported more than 450 emerging companies in the region, these startups have raised more than $9,000 million in investments, creating 2,000 jobs.

On the other hand, the program will contribute $300 million dollars in funds apoyar a organização latinoamericanas sin fines de lucro que busquen apoyar a las comunidades marginadas para que “se beneficien de la transformación digital”.

Sundar Pichai closes his statement emphasizing the innovative character of Latin America: “Through these commitments, we are associating with governments, entrepreneurs and companies to support sustainable, resilient and equitable growth. It is exciting to see Latin America emerging as a center of innovation, and we hope to create even more economic opportunities for people who call it home.”


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