Here are a few qualities that can help you in a job interview

Job hunting is tedious. Many face many challenges during various stages of an interview and even though they might be technically sound, they lag behind either in communication or being a good team member.

Many have found jobs in the UAE. However, as the competition grows, the pressure to give your best shot during an interview multiplies.

But there are some traits that can help one overcome their fears and get their dream job.

A survey was conducted by Bayt.coman online job portal, and YouGov, a British international Internet-based market research and data analytics firm that sheds light on what skills employers are looking for in their future recruits.

As per the survey, these are the top 10 skills that employers are looking for in the Middle East:

1. Good communication skills in Arabic and English – 62%
2. Team player/cooperative/helpful/flexible – 42%
3. Ability to work under pressure – 37%
4. Good leadership skills – 35%
5. Trustworthy/honest – 34%
6. Good negotiation skills – 33%
7. Efficient/productive – 33%
8. Overall personality and demeanor – 33%
9. Passionate/desire to make a difference – 33%
10. Ability to take on new challenges – 29%

According to the survey, good communication and fluency in English, as well as Arabic, is the biggest quality that a job aspirant should have. While being a good team player and having the ability to work under pressure comes next, good leadership skills are also traits that are often appreciated.

Accountants, sales managers and sales executives emerged as the top three positions that employers are currently looking for, as per the survey conducted.

Besides these, the most sought degrees are business management, engineering and a commerce degree are what employers look for in their candidates.


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