Hightouch Triples Revenue in First Half of 2022 and Adds Veteran Leadership to Accelerate Data Activation Adoption

Brian Kotlyar joins Hightouch as VP Marketing and Growth to help marketers everywhere fix their customer data challenges

SAN FRANCISCO, August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hightouch, the Data Activation platform for businesses with modern data warehouses, today announced two major milestones: the company tripled revenue in the first half of 2022 and added a veteran software industry leader Brian Kotlyar to further accelerate growth.

Fortune 500 companies have been investing in their data warehouses and data tools for years, but are struggling to unlock value for their business teams. Hightouch helps more than 1,000 companies move the data from their warehouse to more than 100 SaaS applications automatically and without engineering. Despite signs of a broader economic slowdown, adoption of Hightouch continues to accelerate due to the platform’s simple implementation and time to value, its ability to displace expensive legacy tools, and the value it creates for non-technical teams by activating customer data otherwise locked in the warehouse.

“People are waking up to the fact that they don’t need custom integrations or months long implementations to activate their data. If they have a data warehouse and Hightouch, then every single person in the company can take action on their data— with the blessing of their data team, and without complicated engineering heavy roll-outs. It’s a no-brainer.” Kashish Gupta, Co-CEO of Hightouch

Brian Kotlyar, formerly of New Relic, Intercom, and Sprinklr joins the company to lead Marketing and Growth. He brings a track record of helping create billions of dollars in enterprise value at the fastest growing software businesses in the world, most recently helping New Relic triple its growth rate after 6 quarters of decline.

“The time for Data Activation is right now. I’ve spent almost 20 years trying to solve the exact problems that Hightouch was invented to address—and I’m not alone. Thousands of companies have adopted the modern data warehouse, but still struggle to unlock value for their marketing, sales, success, finance, and operations teams. Honestly, Hightouch empowers business teams so effectively it should probably cost ten times more than it does. As a buyer, it feels like you’re getting away with something .” – Brian KotlyarVP Marketing and Growth of Hightouch

Every business team needs relevant, consistent, and fresh customer data synced to the SaaS tools they use daily to interact with customers. Hightouch is the easiest way to bring data into those tools, all without tedious set-up or specialized engineering help.

In addition to these milestones, in the first half of 2022, Hightouch launched dozens of new platform features, integrations, and destinations, further bolstering its position as a leader in the Data Activation industry:

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About Hightouch

Founded by early employees of Segment, Hightouch is the world’s leading Data Activation platform, which syncs data from data warehouses to over 100 SaaS tools. Hightouch was founded on the notion that every business team—sales, marketing, support, success—needs relevant, accurate, and real-time customer data in the software they use to talk to customers including CRM, email, and support platforms. With data warehouses as the hub for customer data, Hightouch has pioneered the concept of Reverse ETL, which is the easiest way to get data out of data warehouses and into those customer-facing operational systems. Hightouch is based in San Francisco and backed by leading investors such as ICONIQ Growth, Amplify Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, Y-Combinator, and Afore Capital. For more information, visit www.hightouch.com.

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