Housewife turns entrepreneur

Nalgonda: Madasu Lalitha, a native of Pedda Suraram a remote village in the Nalgonda district has been producing disposable period panties keeping the problems of women at bay.

She graduated in engineering in 2014 and got married in 2017, she has two children and started the start-up company in the name of SR hygiene world in Nalgonda town in December 2021. Sharing her thoughts and entrepreneur journey to The Hans India, Madasu Lalitha stated that periods are common and every girl faces problems like leakages during their period along with unbearable pains, as technology has developed today and invented the medicine to take down the period pains. But there is no single technology in the country that could prevent the leakage problem. The leakages may be a small concern for society but for every girl it is a nightmare which acts as a hurdle for their self-confidence and their achievement and success.

She said that during her research to tackle this problem she came to know that there is a product in China called disposable period panty as it provides 360-degree coverage. It is biodegradable and there will be no problem with leaks. When she came to know that it is being imported from China and repackaged here in India. Which increased its prices and became unreachable for middle and poor people who constitute most of the Indian population.

So she started thinking about starting an indigenous disposable period panty company called ‘Mother and Mother’ (Mo Mo). She said so proud to share that this product takes Rs 4-5 crore for its machinery in China but she had completed the product with a budget of Rs 15 lakh and provided employment to 100 unemployed women. She said that she manufactured around 1,200 disposable period panties since the establishment of the unit and as many as 1,000 period panties had been sold out by appointing distributors in the district.

She stated that users expressed their pleasure over Mo Mo brand disposable period panties and added that they are selling their panties at the same cost as that of sanitary pads in the interest of poor and middle-class women fraternity. She informed that she had faced many problems such as the non-availability of raw materials and lack of financial support. She further informed that women employees are new to the machinery and it took time for them to get accustomed to that technology. She had traveled across India to get raw materials and took classes for her employees to get them accustomed to the machinery and added that her daily research helped to improve the quality.

She thanked her husband Sravan Kumar for his support to prove her mettle as an entrepreneur. She opined that it’s a golden opportunity to be a part of the TSIC (Telangana State Innovation cell) Intinta Innovator program initiated by the Telangana government. “It will be helpful if I get some financial support and recognition from the Telangana government,” she added.


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