How bariatric surgery can help with your weight loss goals

12:51 PM September 20, 2022

1:12 PM September 20, 2022

How you can resist falling back into old habits so you can lose weight, keep your diet on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We chat with operations manager, Debbie Thornton, and senior patient advisor, Christine Morley, from the National Obesity Surgery Center in Altrincham. Below, they share the benefits of specialist weight loss surgery and reveal how it can help you maintain a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle.

1. A specialist team of professors, surgeons, doctors and gastroenterologists

The whole team, from advisors and consultants to doctors and professors, are equipped with knowledge and NHS experience in bariatrics (metabolic surgery), providing the highest standard of care to our patients across private hospitals throughout the UK.

Weight loss surgery has helped many people achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle
– Credit: National Obesity Surgery Center

Whilst we will inform and educate each patient of their treatment options, it is ultimately the individual’s decision to choose what they think is best for them. We work closely with each patient and recognize this is a big decision that is not to be rushed, which is why we will give them as much time as they need.

We pride ourselves on the dedicated, one-to-one, bespoke support we can offer each person, from the beginning of their inquiry right through to the end of their journey.

2. Virtual workshops and online app support

Allowing patients to get to know others in similar positions can help them to feel less alone. We offer interactive group mentoring and virtual workshops that specialize in weight management to create this network of support.

If a patient doesn’t get the correct level of help post-procedure, then the long-term results often won’t be as successful. Breaking habits that have been formed over many years is no easy feat, and these workshops aim to educate each patient in the practical ways they can implement changes to encourage long-term success.

Interactive group mentoring and virtual workshops are offered by the National Obesity Surgery Center

Interactive group mentoring and virtual workshops show patients the practical ways they can implement changes to their diets
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These sessions offer guidance on the post-surgery transition, as well as cooking, conscious eating and how to deal with hunger.

The online app is another great way for patients to get the assistance they need and can be accessed from the comfort of their homes. It offers a huge resource of information, with an interactive live chat, and provides the answers to every weight loss question you could imagine. From weekly menu planners to tips for eating on holiday, the app has anything and everything you need to kickstart healthy living.

3. Unlimited telephone access to a nutritionist

The weight-loss journey is not an overnight success, and it requires dedication to stay on track. The most important aspect is committing to a nutritious and wholesome diet.

We have three accomplished nutritionists with over 30 years’ experience between them, who can provide support for our patients up until 7pm, Monday to Thursday, and until 5:30pm on Friday.

Patients can contact us as much as they like after their treatment, for as long as they need. The goal is to get all patients back in control of their food to maintain weight loss.

4. Out-of-hours on-call nurse

It’s really important to regularly check your health following weight-loss surgery. While it’s a safe procedure and all of our surgeons and doctors are highly skilled, it is a big change to go through, and there will be a period of time while the body adjusts.

With this in mind, we have an on-call bariatric nurse available when the clinic is closed, should you have any concerns or issues.

Christine offers a free consultation to anyone considering surgery to discuss their suitability and treatment options.

To find out more or make an enquiry, visit For enquiries, contact 0345 618 7276 or 0161 976 3772.

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