How much life is left in front of the mobile as a king device?

In 2022, it could result in an objection to mention that the vast majority of people are users of smartphonesbut please remember that only 15 years ago almost nobody had one. And there are many who do not see the utility of having internet on the mobile.

By the end of June, it had been 15 years since Apple launched the original iPhonetheir primer smartphoneque set for sale on June 28, 2007after Steve Jobs announced it in January and surprised the world with its fusion between an iPod, a phone and a device connected to the Network.

Although this model did not arrive in Spain, where Apple debuted with its successor, the iPhone 3G, Business Insider Spain he asked during his last Tech Talks to experts and fans of the brand on the historical importance of this device for the rest of the industry.

In fact, it is unlikely that the bet that Apple made in 2007 was a rotating success, as a reflection of its recent economic results: the iPhone accounts for 52% of revenues.

In other respects, such as on the touch screen that the buttons were forgotten and in the applications of its App Store, there was a reference for the rest of the manufacturers, who only a year later had prepared the alternative system that would lead the market in fact: Android, from Google, which launched in 2008.

In addition to the aspects that the iPhone has contributed to technological innovation, it is also an interesting result to analyze what is the future landscape that is taking place in the coming decades.

In January 2022, according to Hootsuite’s Digital 2022 report, 5,310 million people were users of mobile phones, which equates to 67.1% of the world population. The rate of people with Internet access is somewhat lower, at 62.5%.

Apple signs its best second fiscal quarter in history in revenue thanks to products and services: invoiced 92,363 million euros, 9% more

But … will the whole world follow carrying a mobile in the bag as it happens today for 10 years or more? There are other questions that have caused this medium to the participants of Tech Talks (and yes, because even the editors have made us weak).

Although the market of smartphones has collapsed in the first quarter of 2022, when its sales fall by 11% globally according to Canalys — and expect the trend to continue in the second quarter–, the fact is that its domain does not seem to be threatened by any of the technological devices current.

Another question is yes, with the arrival of the metaverso and of the visors of mixed realityone of the trends of the future, the smartphone will be left out or if, on the contrary, it will continue to be as indispensable as it is in the present. Only time will give the answer.

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