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  • Disruptive technology creating waves in the multi-trillion-dollar global wellness space
  • A varied portfolio of proprietary wellness technologies
  • Strong, experienced management team
  • McKinsey research estimates annual growth of 5-10% in the US$1.5 trillion wellness market
  • Revenue boosted by 345 per cent in FY22
  • Continuing to develop new markets, business channels, and collaborations.
  • Ethical meets profitable

The first winds of a new era in the beauty and wellness industry are blowing and, as such, an exciting new investment opportunity awaits…for both retail, institutional, and private equity investors.

And today, there now exists a technology that is so precise and effective that it works naturally with your body and the world around you, helping you thrive to your fullest potential.

Now, one such company is disrupting the entire industry with its proprietary technology that enables people to live life well…and to its fullest.

A unique investment opportunity

Enter Wellfully Ltd. (ASX:WFL) – a multi-national wellness, technology, and consumer beauty company focused on ultra-high-quality ingredients and technologies that are designed to make a genuine difference in people’s everyday lives.

In short, “creating a fully integrated, science-based wellness company. Building innovation through technology while blending both the science of the beauty and health & wellness industries, WFL is truly an industry disruptor.

Beauty is more than in the eye of the beholder. It’s in the eyes of millions of investors worldwide. Companies like Wellfully represent a massive global market opportunity for investors – both retail and institutional.

In fact, the global wellness industry is currently benefiting from a high growth trajectory, with a total market of more than USD$1.5 trillion in 2020 with annual growth of 5-10 per cent.1

On the business ledger, Wellfully Ltd. recently announced the upcoming introduction of its latest innovation: the Swisswell Boost – the world’s first science-based universal applicator for personalized enhanced delivery of actives in topical heath

With Swisswell Boost, the Company enters the topical drug market, valued by a recent Market Research report at over USD$101 billion, expected to grow at 8.4 per cent per annum and reach a whopping US$178 billion by 2028.2

The product efficiently leverages the Company’s existing process, product, and digital infrastructures developed for the well-received Réduit Boost range, “synergies that are expected to improve economic performance.”

Investors corner

This is a is a fully integrated, science-based wellness company, offering a distinct portfolio of proprietary technologies and supports its partners by providing IP-protected market exclusivity, proficiency in magnetic array design, feasibility and efficacy, and claims testing, along with engineering and production.

The company’s application of “specifically configured magnetic fields as a means of positively affecting the partitioning, diffusion, and transdermal passage of drugs and other active molecules is the core expertise and innovation that sets Well away from the competition.

Since 2004, the Wellfully team has been serving global companies with some of the most impactful and sustainable technologies available.

According to the company, its “expertise focuses on the use of technology for more precise active ingredient delivery in the fields of hair care, skincare, medical treatments, and surface hygiene technologies.”

Over the last three years, Wellfully has strategically pivoted from a legacy biomedical research company and to a fully vertically integrated firm with a strong foundation in the science and due diligence necessary to bring innovative products safely and securely to consumers.

Wellfully’s Innovation and R&D Unit provides technology to the other business units of the company, as well as licensing and development services to international partners.

The Design & Technology and supply chain hub has the ability to rapidly develop and industrialize the company’s technologies and innovations in an agile, efficient, secure, and cost-effective manner. In short, not just another beauty brand

Best of all, Wellfully focuses on ingredients and technologies that make a genuine difference. Then remove the unnecessary, to maximize results and minimize waste.

Wellfully currently boasts a 1000-strong community of scientists, designers, cosmetologists, and industry experts, focusing their talents and expertise to take personal wellness solutions to a new level.

From a purely investment perspective, Wellfully clicks a lot of the right boxes. WFL’s team are exceptionally qualified in data-driven innovation to anticipate and meet the needs of consumers.

Wellfully’s flagship products

• Reduit – a one-of-a-kind application system significantly increases penetration and absorption of actives, part of the company’s proprietary technologies: Ultrasonic Diffusion and Magnetic Misting, and;

• Swisswell – a revolutionary drug-free pain relief patch designed for joint pain management.

Wellfully is also involved in the development of enhanced delivery technology of CBD (cannabinoids) which are demonstrating promising anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, the company is currently in the structural design realm of creating nebulisers and buccal applicators. This one-of-a-kind proprietary technology is something investors should always be keenly aware of.

Track Record Success

The company saw growth in FY22, with its unaudited revenue jumping 345 per cent to $2.06 million. It comes after it grew its operations across multiple channels, doubling its commercial footprint in the past year.

During the 12-month period, Wellfully saw cash outflows of $8.24 million and introduced new products such as the Swisswell Lubricen Knee Patch and Réduit Boost.

The company received $414,767 from research and development tax incentives, as well as government subsidies of $115,126.

Furthermore, it invested $32,340 towards its property, plant, and equipment and gained $5.66 million from its capital raising activities.

Over the financial year Well accelerated the commercial development of Réduit, securing several high-end retail placement launches, including Harrods, Sephora, and Douglas.

Looking ahead, WFL is preparing to launch Réduit in Mexico, the US, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere.

At the end of June, the company had $317,669 in cash and cash equivalents.

After two years at the helm of WFL, CEO Paul Peros has steered the company towards a broader profile in product innovation, introducing bold new products to the beauty space through decades of scientific research and development.

With decades of experience, Mr. Peros has led a number of successful engagements in luxury consumer products and beauty-tech.

He was the CEO of Swedish brand FOREO, from its 2013 inception, to becoming a global market leader with over US$1 billion in revenues in over 80 countries, more than 3000 employees and over 40 global offices.

The Bottom Line

Investors considering the rapidly growing beauty and health & wellness sector should be mindful of key winning factors when it comes to choosing a company to back.

One; is the company a leading innovator in a rapidly evolving, consumer-led market? Two; are they genuinely offering a unique, value-added opportunity to investors? And three; are they providing an exciting pipeline of innovation today, and into the future?

Well, the metrics clearly indicate that Wellfully Ltd. meets, and in many cases, exceeds these investment parameters across the board.

Well shares closed at 3.2 cents per share today.

1– Feeling good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market

2 – Topical Drug Delivery Market Forecasts to 2028 – Global Analysis By Product

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