ID Finance launches neobanco Plazo in Spain, specializing in credit | Companies

ID Finance has just launched its neobanco in Spain called Plazo, the first in the country to integrate into one app transactional solutions with credit and flexible payment services, according to fintech. With Plazo, ID Finance aims to respond to the demand for flexible solutions to apply payments and access small credit lines.

According to a market study conducted by ID Finance in which thousands of people participated, the fintech ensures that it has detected in southern Europe and Hispanic America a market opportunity valued at more than 400,000 million euros, with almost 500 million people who could benefit from Plazo’s financial solutions, the application explains.

La fintech explains that thanks to the technological expertise that ID Finance possesses, together with its know-how in credit management solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, has allowed it to develop in a few months a neobanco that already has more than 30,000 users.

“Plazo is the only Spanish neobanco that combines a commission -free Mastercard debit card with different alternatives to payment and credit lines offered through ID Finance Spain, another company of the ID Finance group,” explains the technology firm.

Following the launch of this neobanco, which will run with an electronic money license specializing in credit solutions in Spain, ID Finance now aims to expand its activity in Mexico, the second market in which Plazo will operate. In fact, ID Finance has been operating in the country for more than four years now through other brands.

Alexander Dunaev, co -founder and COO of ID Finance, commented: “At ID Finance we offer a solid experience in credit solutions and management. Since 2015, we have processed 9 million credit applications internationally, so we know very well the needs of our customers. All that expertise required has now taken us one step further to impose a digital platform that offers a wide range of financial services thought to meet the financial needs of millions of people. Our goal is to provide maximum financial security. This is only possible thanks to our technological know -how that leads us naturally towards the consolidation of a disruptive bank that integrates current, payment and credit solutions ”.


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