If you have animals, you will have better memory and less cognitive impairment

Living with a pet at home can provide a long -term health benefit more than emotional support, according to a preliminary study published this Wednesday.

Owners of major pets show a higher degree of cognitive impairment compared to older adults who did not have pets, and those who raised a hairy friend (or plumage or scaly) for 5 years or more are the ones they got most benefits for your cerebral health.

Although the dogs, followed by the cats, were the most common pets on the show, the study staff also reported that they cared for dogs, hamsters, dogs, cats and reptiles.

The first hearings of the study were announced through a press release from the United States Academy of Neurology, while the full study will be presented in its entirety at the 74.ª annual meeting of the Academy next April.

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The researchers used data from University of Michigan Health and Jubilee Study, a large -scale survey of Medicare medical insurance beneficiaries, to compare the cognitive points of owners and non -owners of pets. The initial study involved multiple tests to evaluate memory and cognition over a period of six years.

Those who lived with animals far away benefited from an average delay of 1.2 points in cognitive impairment compared to those who did not have pets. During the six -year study period, participants were rated on a 27 -point scale based on their cognitive abilities.

Anyone who showed signs of cognitive impairment at the beginning of the study was not included in the final sample of 1369 adults around 65 years of age. A little more than half reported having pets at the time of the survey, and 32 % had pets for five years or more. .

Pet owners can have better health in general, in part due to income

Previous studies have illustrated a a corner between having a baby and the benefits for heart health, such as a lower resting heart rate and a lower initial arterial pressure. Although the study has not been able to show a direct relationship of cause and effect, it is possible that having a mask can protect against stress.

“Given that stress can negatively affect cognitive function, the possible disruptive effects of having a mask could provide a plausible reason for our hearing loss”, explains in a press release the study’s author, Tifforaany Braley University of Michigan.

“A company animal can also increase physical activity, which could benefit cognitive health,” he added.

Braley and his colleagues discovered that the cerebral benefits of having a baby were particularly strong for black adults, adults with a university education and men.

Another interesting data is that pet owners tend to have a higher socioeconomic levelaccording to the demographic data of Health and Jubilee Study.

Several studies have established that Americans with lower incomes are especially likely to skip doctor visits due to the barriers that support the costs, according to the Health Affairs Report of 2020. Therefore, it is likely that there is something more than having a doll that impulses this break in the health results.

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