Ime Udoka’s job status gets clarity amid looming Celtics suspension

Ime Udoka is facing a potentially “significant suspension,” but that doesn’t mean the Boston Celtics are considering firing him.

For those who missed it, Udoka is currently in the middle of a major controversy after Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported an “unspecified violation” that could have him getting suspended. No details about the violation were mentioned, but many assume that it is a serious offense considering the lack of information on the situation and the fact that the Boston bosses are discussing a possible punishment.

In a follow-up report by Wow, however, he emphasized that Udoka’s job as Celtics head coach is not in jeopardy. The report also mentioned that the Celtics are leaning on suspending him and that a decision on the length could come as early as Thursday.

This is undoubtedly a concerning turn of events for the Celtics. Considering that training camp is close, the last thing the Boston franchise would want is to get things started without its main tactician.

It is also worth wondering what policy Udoka violated that warrants a heavy punishment. That is even more intriguing now that it appears the problem is not so severe that it would cost him his job, but serious enough to get him suspended for some time.

For now fans can only wait and see how the story unfolds. Perhaps the Celtics will give more details when they make the decision on Ime Udoka’s punishment.

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