‘India aims for accountability in business, needs ethical entrepreneurs’

The CII Youth Indians organized a national conclave called UTKARSH on Friday.

Minister of Higher Education Dr CN Ashwath Narayan spoke about the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in making India self-reliant. He explained how government policies help the growth of businesses, and how India aims to create accountability in the business sector and have entrepreneurs who uphold ethics and morals.

Senapathi ‘Kris’ Gopalakrishnan, the Chairman of Axilor Ventures, challenged the young entrepreneurs to push the limits and make India the leading economy in the 21st century.

He also dwelt on nation-building through entrepreneurship. He explained how the still-developing nature of India is an opportunity for the country to create a sustainable, affordable, inclusive and equitable model of development. “This can only be done through will, desire, and hard work. What role will you play in creating the future? ”, Gopalakrishnan asked.

Carbon neutral session

The CII Youth Indians conclave convened in the first-ever national session held by the organization and it was completely carbon neutral. The rest of the day had other interesting sessions. There was a panel discussion on changes in the landscape of the startup ecosystem. It talked about the current trends and the future possibilities for businesses.

There was speech by Arjun Ranga on how to build a brand and how to market it. Maroof Raza, an Indian defense analyst, gave a talk on India-China relations and the boundary dispute.

Aravind Thandan, the Chapter Chair of CII YI in Bengaluru, Raunak Goyal, the National Chair, Dilip Krishna, National Vice-Chairman, Praveen Agarwal, Regional Chair, and Bhavin Dinesh Pandya, co-chair of the Bangalore Chapter, were present.

On Saturday, there will be a masterclass by five IIM-B professors on the theme of sustain, scale and succeed.


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