Inspiring Story Of ShabnamStays Founder And India’s Youngest Entrepreneur Abdussamad Ashraf

You must have seen 15 year olds going to school and playing, but have you seen them running their own company of 60 crores? No. But 17 year old Abdus Samad from Bihar is the founder of ShabnamStays. Shabnamstays is a Kota based student housing start-up. It started in 2020 by a 15 year old student Abdussamad who lived in hostels for last many years but even after paying good rent he did not get good facilities.

Students come to Kota to prepare for tough exams like NEET and JEE and in such a situation, those children need a very good environment. But even after paying good rent, children used to worry a lot about things like cleanliness, maintenance, good food, when they don’t eat food, how will their heart feel in studies. Seeing this, Abdus Samad decided to open his hostel. As the hostel market in Kota was almost over after the pandemic, Abdussamad took advantage of this opportunity to lease properties cheaply from several property owners.

Children gradually started coming to Kota, children used to search online hostels from home, thinking whether the hostel is open there or not, and on every search only Abdus’s hostels used to come on the Google search, Because he had already listed his hostels in website like olx, housing dotcom.

In this way his first hostels were full in just 15 days, seeing this, other property owners also started leasing their property to him. Thinking that you are not earning anything, with the help of this boy, you will earn some money. And seeing this, a 15-year-old boy with a little investment made his own empire of hostels with his technique!

Initially he was working alone, then slowly his team started growing. His mother, brother and elder sister are also giving a hand in the growth of his startup.
The name Shabnamstays is made up of two words Shabnam and Stay, Shabnam is the name of the mother of Abdussamad, That’s why he says that I can do anything but I can’t drown my mother’s name, thinking that I am always engaged to improve the start-up, starting with 40 beds, today we are a platform of 1000 plus beds, And we will increase it to 1 lakh beds in one to two years. Our beginning was different, till now we have worked differently but soon we will provide new type of hostels to every corner of India

We will work in such a way that ShabnamStays will be the first choice of the student staying in the hostel.
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