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Valuable websites are non-negotiable


When thinking of a website, I no longer regard it as just a tool to gather contact information. When the Internet went public 29 years ago, many people, including myself, used it to gather emails for people and companies. In fact, many sites were created just for this—it’s part of the reason why the Internet grew as fast as it did.

The digital world is evolving, though—and customers have become more demanding. Today’s automotive websites must offer up a steady stream of value-added content, information, and entertainment. They must educate and inform existing customers while drawing in future customers with valuable, “need-to-know” facts and information about their vehicles.

I always suggest picturing your website as your virtual store. How do you want it to look? What information, resources, or other value-added content can you offer the customers who come in?

I am not suggesting a tech-centric approach when it comes to your businesses. But if you don’t have a website, or have one that offers little value, it might be time to look at some ways to make it work harder for you.

Why websites—what to do?

It helps if you can grasp the real impact that a well-designed website can have on your business.

As your biggest digital asset in the virtual world, your business website must look attractive and professional. Show them why your business is the one they need to solve their issue.

It must contain the right keywords to get your business as high as possible on Google. Once they’ve landed on the page, that’s your chance to offer up even more valuable content, and earn their future business.

One of the biggest takeaways is that every page you have on your website represents additional exposure. Value-added content can boost your rankings, while lackluster content can do the exact opposite. Besides good content, optimize your website for search results using search engine optimization. Consider hiring an expert as this is a critical field. Similarly, performance tools can indicate whether your website is at its best.

When you have a well-designed, high-performance, value-added website up and running, you will know your hard work has finally paid off! Visitors will be booking, paying, and leaving feedback about your company on a regular basis.

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