Interview with a young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Gaurav Tingre

Being your own boss might be a very attractive concept in a world when jobs and the economy are both uncertain. Despite the abundance of accessible business opportunities, success needs more than simply a burning desire to succeed. There are many different factors that can explain the difference between entrepreneurs who are successful and those who are not. Unfortunately, there are some skills that are necessary for success but which cannot be learned in a classroom. You must work hard, develop the ability to fail gracefully, and apply the lessons you learn if you want to succeed where others have failed. Additionally, you might do research on the behaviors of significant figures in the industry you wish to work in. Gaurav Tingre is one such popular model in the motor industry.

Gaurav is a partner at Ceramic Pro Pune. He is also a founding member of the Pune Supercar Club and an active participant in the Indian Supercar Community. His training in hospitality management also benefits him commercially. He enjoys collecting scale models and expensive footwear.

There are many such bright people in the world, but only a select handful of them succeed thanks to their versatility in their chosen fields and their passion for accelerating those fields’ development and success.

A vehicle enthusiast, Gaurav has effortlessly earned his position among these select few precious gems of the planet. He is also a well-known social media influencer who is known for producing high-quality material about automobiles.

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