Is there a monogame? Plutôt vrai

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Rappelons qu’on appelle monogamie The situation of a person who is in a situation where he or she has a conjoint. For certain things to look forward to, it will be as if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to the revision of the status quo in 2019, we will return to the monologue of the monarchy to determine the primates that do not have a specific difference of size between females and females. C’est ce qu’on appelle le dimorphisme sexuel. The real thing is, in a polygame system, the masses are constantly on the verge of conquering the females and the advantages over the forts and plus grands. In other words, the men will generate 15% more plus grands and more women who will have more gorillas and orangutans, the more realistic faces in the double de concubines.

Emergency de la coparentalité

La monogamie serait aussi l’environnement familial le plus favorable pour assurer la survie de la descendance de notre espèce. The enfants de l ‘Homo sapiens We need to make progress with the parents and the exemplary age of the opportunity to report to the other side of the world, and to reach out to the children in terms of development and the development of the full potential of our grammar.

For parents, there is no such thing as a “good” biological or biological solution, and a co-op: parcee that women do not always create a better world and always have something to do with a new moment in the moment. The extravagant things that do not have the same number of efforts are worth more. In addition to the co-operation, cela offrait un degré de protection supplémentaire à leur propre descendance.

Toutefois, des etudes ont suggéré au fil du temps que c’est la monogamie qui créerait un contexte favorable à l’éergence de soins paternels, et non pas l’inverse. L’une des hypothèses, évoquée en 2016 dans la revue Nature, which is the exposition of which I have favored with the development of the mode of vou monogame, is the loreque men who will be present at a number and in a societal, there is a sense of belonging to a single woman. Cela garantit le lien de paternité envers ses petits.

The biologists and the anthropologues are also a force for the creation of nature in the world: in the mode of vie favoritant la descendance dugroupe, il aurait mené progressivement à une plus grande proximité despères, et ultimement, à une intensification des soins paternels.


There are so many things that are impossible to do in the last days for millions of people, students, not only for those who compare with our cousins ​​primates, but who are not always ready to go to the next level. monogame for free environment of civilization for our development and facilitator survivor of our generation.

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