Job Hopping: The current job market

What is Job Hopping?

A behavior more common in the labor market, because digital natives have little or no interest in companies.

Getting a job, every time is more common among professionals.

For a long time, companies have harassed candidates on various vacations due to their labor instability and the comments of these Job Hoppers, not by the same token, so that they can stay in one job for more than six months and not be promoted, it loses time.

Then we can appreciate two ways of the same currency, in part the employers, quitting because the candidates are unstable, do not stay in their jobs.

On the other hand, the candidates, claiming that the salary is too low and victimizing, employees, chanting to their employer, that if they do not raise the salary or they get promoted, they will reimburse the newly egrated candidates who think that everyone is must pay an exorbitant amount to contract them.

I think there must be conditions to develop the position, growth and collaborators who are really productive, who are distinguished in the Labor Market.

There are profiles that are highly sought after, especially in Information Technology and Digital Marketing, which, without any remorse, will change jobs for others with better pay and working conditions.

Advantages of Job Hopping

  • Motivation for learning
  • They adapt quickly to the new organization

For many years, it was a necessity of life to maintain all the working life in a company until the jubilee and make merits to go up, including expecting the utilities to buy a car, that is not possible in the present, the working conditions have changed and professionals have different aspirations.

We have all seen companies that regularly publish the same vacancies, in fact make us think that in reality they are recruiting for other companies, but ex -collaborators, spread comments on the network as “people are treated very badly”

The culture of the new generations is to learn, learn and re -learn to discover new industries and new countries, which also involves working remotely.

Companies now have controlled rotation and not controlled by the own vision that the collaborators have, work until the companies are useful for the employee. If companies can’t offer growth and education, opt to look for new alternatives.

The “job jumps” prioritize well -being and professional development and we must adapt to the new generations.

Some recruiters open curricula when there is a high turnover among candidates.

Do you feel discriminated against for being a job hopper?

Growing up is very important for collaborators and candidates, not just by giving false expectations, remember that if you do not have a real job recognition, motivation and good remuneration, your employees will temporarily stay in your company, while finding something better.

The and you, are you a Job Hopper?

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