Job Match: a new job search platform – ORH

Michael Page, a qualified talent selection consultant, has developed Job Match, an intelligent platform that relates the content of the candidates’ curriculum to the job descriptions, teaching in just a few seconds the offers that make a “match” with the profile of candidate. In this way, it is the tool itself that offers the candidate the offers that best match their profile and are not reviewed.

The tool that helps you find employment in a much more efficient way is now available on the Page Personnel website and will soon also be available at Michael Page. The technology, which relates the content of the candidates’ curriculum to the job descriptions, will show in just a few seconds all those job offers that make a “match” with the profile of each ideal candidate.

The use of Job Match for future candidates is very simple. It is only necessary to upload the CV from any device to the online platform and modify the search preferences so that the tool shows the jobs that best “match” to be done with the professional information of the candidates.

Job Match also offers a great technological advancement for companies so that the personal selection process will be more sensitive agiles and precises. We live in an extremely digital environment and the trend of the CV as we understand it today, we have to move on to a second floor.

Thanks for using artificial intelligence the information can be processed in a much faster and simpler way to show the offers that are best suited to each candidate, which allows companies to have more accurate information of profiles at the time of starting a personal selection process .

“This new technology, which facilitates job search from any device and in a way that is 100% close between the candidate’s profile and the company, significantly increases the chances of contracting potential candidates,” he said. Massimiliano De Stefani, Senior Digital & Media Manager SE at PageGroup.

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